Statin Drugs List

Statin drugs listed by trade name and generic name
plus internal site links to statin drug related pages.

Trade Name  Generic Name Page Links
 Advicor  Lovastatin with Niacin  Advicor Side Effects
 Altocor  Lovastatin  See Mevacor
 Altoprev  Lovastatin  See Mevacor
 Atorlip  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Baycol  Cerivastatin (withdrawn 2001)  The Baycol Disaster
 Caduet  Atorvastatin 
 with Amlodipine (Norvasc)
 See Lipitor
 Canef  Fluvastatin  
 Crestor  Rosuvastatin  Crestor Side Effects
 Crestor and Rhabdomyolisis
 Crestor Omega 3 and Heart Failure
 Crestor JUPITER Study Data
 Inegy  Simvastatin
 with Ezetimibe (Zetia)
 See Vytorin
 Lescol  Fluvastatin  
 Lipex  Simvastatin  See Zocor
 Lipitor  Atorvastatin  Lipitor Side Effects
 Lipitor Thief of Memory
 Lipitor Amnesia Reports Medwatch
 Lipitor Cognitive Side Effects
 Lipitor Transient Global Amnesia
 Lipobay  Cerivastatin (withdrawn 2001)  See Baycol
 Lipostat  Pravastatin  See Pravachol
 Lipvas  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Livalo  Pitavastatin  Pitavastatin
 Mevacor  Lovastatin  Mevacor Side Effects
 Pitava  Pitavastatin  Pitavastatin
 Pravachol  Pravastatin  Pravachol Side Effects
 Selektine  Pravastatin  See Pravachol
 Simcard  Simvastatin  See Zocor
 Simcor  Simvastatin with Niacin  Simcor
 Simlup  Simvastatin  See Zocor
 Sortis  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Torvacard  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Torvast  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Totalip  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor
 Tulip  Atorvastatin  See Lipitor

 with Ezetimibe (Zetia)

 Vytorin Side Effects
 Vytorin Concerns 

 Zocor  Simvastatin  Zocor Side Effects
 Zocor UK Side Effect Reports
 Zocor Mouse Stem Cells

Trade names in this table are Trademarks and are the property of their respective owners.

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