Earthing - Observations on Diabetes from Other Doctors

dr_stephen_sinatra_md_149by: Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.

I have personally witnessed improvements, some dramatic, in the circulation and symptoms of patients with diabetes, as well as in blood pressure and arrhythmias.

Other doctors are now making the same observations.   Here are two examples from Europe and Australia. 

The Polish Experience

Polish cardiologist Karol Sokal and his neurosurgeon son Pawel have been actively researching grounding on the physiology for more than two decades. 

In a conversation with them, they shared the following details:

“We have seen good things with diabetes. We were able to withdraw insulin for some people because they achieved a reduction in their blood sugar just from walking barefoot. We found that in some cases the combination of medication and grounding could even push the glucose level too low.

“Imagine telling someone that if you go barefoot you may be able to reduce or withdraw your insulin…or some other medication.  Yet that is what we found.  It all depends on the level of glucose as to whether and when you can cut out the medication or reduce it.  With oral medication, we observed that some people with diabetes could walk barefoot and not need anti-diabetic drugs like Metformin.

“Here in Poland, you can’t go barefoot outside around the year. You have to wait until late spring and summer before going barefoot.  If people have stone or concrete floors in their houses, they can walk barefoot, or sit barefooted on the floor. Doing that for a few hours a day, people are often able to reduce their medication within a few weeks.  Not everybody can spend that kind of time barefoot, of course.

“One of our experiments with blood sugar showed that continuous grounding for three days and two nights was enough to decrease the level of glucose in patients who have diabetes.  That result was on the basis of twelve volunteers, of which six were grounded.Further research with more people would be needed to see at what point sustained grounding could achieve a decrease in glucose enough to recommend that a doctor reduce the medication dosage. Perhaps a minimum of three nights may be enough for some people.”

The Australian Experience

From David Richards, an integrative family physician in New South Wales, come the following details: 

“I have been a general practitioner for over 30 years and I’ve never had anything that could help diabetic neuropathy.  All we doctors can do is try to optimize blood sugar and control it.  But that doesn’t fix the problem of numb feet.  Earthing has changed this dilemma altogether. 

“In most cases, I have seen some improvement already after an initial hour grounding session in my office. I accomplish this by placing an Earthing patch on the K1 kidney acupuncture point on each foot, attaching a conductive band around a wrist, or simply having the patients place their bare feet on a conductive floor mat. Some have reported improvements lasting for as long as ten days after the one session. The more they do the better, though.

“One diabetic woman sat in my office for an hour, both feet on an Earthing mat.  Afterward she said that her numb feet had improved by 75 percent. She had never told me she had numb feet. After two sessions like that, her numb feet were totally resolved. 

“I have had 25 out of 25 diabetic neuropathies with numb feet and now most are fully resolved. I now deliberately target diabetics, even those without complications.  I believe Earthing offers some preventive help to even newly diagnosed diabetics by counteracting their inflammation and I imagine that the effect on red cells will help improve blood flow to all smaller vessels. 

“In my practice, I personally draw blood, and I have repeatedly observed the change in blood viscosity. One patient whose neuropathy resolved used to have blood that would clot in a normal-sized venesection needle before even making it to the blood tube. Since starting Earthing that doesn’t happen anymore!

“I have three kidney patients whose renal function has returned to normal.  Several others are stable and haven’t deteriorated further as was expected. If they remain stable they may never need dialysis. 

“One patient likes to go fishing barefoot. He remarked how he had forgotten how sharp the rocks were and how hot the sand was!  He could feel them now. Before, he couldn’t.  His diabetic kidney disease has stabilized.

“Another patient on the Earthing program now describes the condition as ‘slowly’ progressive renal disease. I have never seen the term ‘slowly’ attributed to renal disease. 

“The brother-in-law of a good patient of mine reluctantly tried Earthing.  He is on dialysis. His specialist told him, ‘I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it.’

“I have seen diabetic eye disease stabilize in two patients.  Another, with glaucoma, reported visual improvement, ‘like cling film being lifted from in front of the television screen.’

“Another individual with a leaking heart valve has experienced resolution based on a recent echocardiogram.  His specialist can’t explain it.

“I find that medication needs generally are reduced after Earthing.  One patient now only takes insulin if she is lax with her diet. Another has reduced daily insulin from 80 units down to 10 or 20.  Prior to Earthing, one of them experienced considerable depression. The depression has improved with Earthing. These improvements occurred after several months of Earthing twice a week in my clinic.

“I actually warn all patients who start Earthing to be alert for improvements and be prepared to reduce doses of some medications, such as blood pressure, thyroid, and glucose meds, and, in particular, blood thinners.  For those on blood thinners, such as Coumadin, I do standard blood clotting checks fortnightly for about two months, and if the blood is stable, then do it monthly.  I haven’t encountered any issues.

“Earthing brings into the treatment equation an entirely unusual prospect for people only expecting things to deteriorate. Most doctors expect only deterioration and to add more medication and/or to increase doses.  As well as noticeable improvements and lowering medication, it seems to me that diabetics, over a long period of time, will have less heart disease, less stroke, and better health as a result of Earthing.  

 “Medicine doesn't have many "WOW" moments as such.  It is mainly logical thinking with little scope for being somewhat creative.  Medicine plus Earthing has provided me lately with some spectacular ‘WOW’ moments.”

The Electrical Connection

Throughout the world, electrical systems are connected to the Earth’s surface and its negative charge to provide a standard of stability and safety. These systems, from large grids and power stations to homes, buildings, and factories, and the machinery and appliances that are operated by electricity, are thus said to be “grounded” or “earthed.” 

Earthing research and subjective experiences from around the world are suggesting that this very same electronic charge of the planet’s surface plays a governing and nurturing role for both the animal and plant kingdoms – a form of “electrical nutrition,” so to speak.  It appears to have the potential to restore, normalize, and stabilize the internal bioelectrical environment of the human body’s countless electrical systems that govern the functions of organs, tissues, cells, and biological rhythms.   

I envision that the continuing research and worldwide interest in Earthing – the Earthing book has now been translated into 12 languages − will provide new hope, not only for diabetes, but for many other challenging diseases as well.  Mother Earth has indeed given us something marvelous. 

Is Mother Earth a Remedy for Diabetes? Part 1 

Caution: Earthing and Medication

Earthing has significant effects on the physiology, including the potential to improve circulation, glucose, thyroid, and blood viscosity values.  This may call for an adjustment in medication dosages. Any patient with diabetes who takes prescription medication should consult with his/her physician before starting Earthing. 

Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC, FACN, CNS, a board-certified cardiologist and certified bioenergetic analyst with more than 35 years of experience in helping patients prevent and reverse heart disease, specialized in integrative cardiology combining conventional medical treatments with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies. 

Now retired from clinical practice, Dr. Sinatra lectures widely on the metabolic approach to cardiovascular disease and electromedicine.  Dr. Sinatra, Clinton Ober, and Martin Zucker are co-authors of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (Basic Health Publications, 2014). Dr. Sinatra is also co-author of the bestseller The Great Cholesterol Myth and is the host of the popular, informational website

For a comprehensive review of Earthing research, see Chevalier G, Sinatra ST, Oschman JL, Sokal K, Sokal P. Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons. Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2012; published January 2012 online at:

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