Fat and Cholesterol Don't Cause Heart Attacks

This book is dedicated to Uffe Ravnskov, MD, Ph.D. for exposing the myth that fat and cholesterol cause coronary heart disease and that statins are safe and cardio-protective for everyone.

As will be seen, no studies support the notion that restricting fat reduces coronary morbidity or mortality. More importantly, government recommendations mandating low fat diets are likely the cause of the escalating epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Several chapters detail the significant adverse health effects of statins that have been ignored or suppressed in reports of drug company sponsored trials. 

In addition, any benefits of statins are clearly unrelated to lowering LDL or cholesterol, but are due to their anti-inflammatory and especially anticoagulant activities. This clotting or "atherothrombotic" hypothesis appears to explain all of the factors known to cause or protect against coronary heart disease.


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Other chapters by THINCS (The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics) members discuss the role of infections and sulfur deficiency and the numerous ways data are doctored to hype the benefits and minimize the dangers of statins.

All of these contributions expose the fallacies of the lipid hypothesis (the idea that there is a link between blood cholesterol levels and the occurrence of heart disease) which was called "the greatest scientific deception of this century, perhaps of any century" by the distinguished nutritionist George Mann, former Co-Director of the Framingham Study.

Chapter One: Preface: Why And How This Book Was Written 
Paul J. Rosch, MD

Chapter Two: On The Origin And Evolution Of THINCS:
 An Interview with Uffe Ravnskov
 Paul J. Rosch, MD

Chapter Three: How Dietary Guidelines, Bad Science, Politics 
and Profit Have Contributed To The Current Epidemic of 
Obesity and Incidence of Heart Disease
 Zoë Harcombe, PhD

Chapter Four: The Culprit In Coronary Heart Disease Is
 Trans Fats, Not Cholesterol: But Why Did It Take Decades
 To Ban Them? 
Fred A. Kummerow, PhD

Chapter Five: Industrial Control of Guidelines for Lipid Nutrition

Harumi Okuyama PhD, Peter H. Langsjoen, MD,
Alena M. Langsjoen, MS, Naoki Ohara, PhD

Chapter Six: Why The Lipid Hypothesis Of Coronary Heart
Disease Is Fallacious And Dangerous
 Paul J. Rosch, MD, Uffe Ravnskov MD, PhD

Chapter Seven: Historical Perspective On The Use Of Deceptive Methods In The War On Cholesterol
 David M. Diamond, PhD, Uffe Ravnskov MD, PhD

Chapter Eight: People With High Cholesterol Live Longer
 Tomohito Hamazaki, MD, PhD

Chapter Nine: A Role for Sulfur Deficiency in
 Coronary Heart Disease 
Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Chapter Ten: Stress as Cause of Atherosclerosis: The Acidity Theory
Carlos E. T. B. Monteiro

Chapter Eleven: The role of infections, lipoproteins
 and hyperhomocysteinemia in the pathogenesis
 of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques.
 Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, Kilmer S. McCully, MD

Chapter Twelve: Cardiovascular disease is primarily 
due to blood clotting
 Malcolm Kendrick, MD

Chapter Thirteen: Statins and Cancer: Cause or Cure?

Paul J. Rosch, MD, Luca Mascitelli, MD,
Mark R. Goldstein, MD

Chapter Fourteen: Deciphering The Dilemma 
Of Perilous vs. Pleiotropic Effects Of Statins
 Paul J. Rosch, MD

Chapter Fifteen: Critical Review Of Recent Drug Company Sponsored Trials About Statin Efficacy And Safety
 Michel de Lorgeril, MD, Mikael Rabaeus, MD

Chapter Sixteen: Why Reported Statin Side Effects
 Are Just the Tip of a Titanic Iceberg
 Duane Graveline MD, MPH, Paul J. Rosch, MD

Chapter Seventeen: Systemic Evaluation of Statin Therapy Side Effects. Do The Accrued Adverse Effects Outweigh The Benefits?
 Sherif Sultan, MCh, MD, PhD, Edel P. Kavanagh, PhD Niamh Hynes, MD 

October 2016

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