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ICARUS DESTINY is based upon my Air Force career culminating as an astronaut.

CADUCEAN TRIANGLE is based upon my experiences as a family doctor and Army flight surgeon.

THE ARK takes the AIDS pandemic into the year 2020.

BROTHERS OF THE PERSEIDS deals wih the subject of people who can see aura.

MINDCHANGE is about a radical treatment of suicidal depression.

OUR FATHER is about the discovery of cave art on the planet Mars in the year 2060.

TWINKLESEED is a tale about a unique DNA combination giving a young boy extraordinary psychic healing powers.

SPACEDOC is about the exploits of Spacedoc Duval and his medical crew in the year 2060.

PATHWAY Everyone knows that life support technology can maintain life in a human body long after brain death. The reverse also is true!

CRADLE On a distant planet, an ancient culture desperately seeks copper, the key to the terrible prion menace threatening their minds.

THE PHOSPHENE CHRONICLES Does God really intend for us to explore the universe?

CHARM Re-enter your world of ESP. You have never really left.

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Icarus Destiny
No one was more qualified to be NASA's first medical astronaut than Paul Duval, young Air Force flight surgeon. This is a tale of three loves: the intense love of a son for his father who has raised him since his mother's death, the passionate love of this son for his beautiful and talented young stepmother, Irena, and the burning love of this young man for his fascinating aerospace medical career. His life peaks with his selection as astronat only to plummet when word leaks out of his relationship wih his stepmother. Like Icarus, Paul Duval had flown too close to the sun.

Caducean Triangle
A story about the life and loves of Peter Duval, a family doctor in Quebec and flight surgeon with a helicopter squadron in the Canadian Army Reserves. Although Peter and his office manager wife, Susan, are a very good team, her mild lesbian tendencies and Peter's strong sexual needs both are met by Sirin, their office assistant, bonding them in a strong sexual triangle. After a decade of building a wonderful life and medical practice, disaster strikes in the form of a very scandalous investigation of a drug diversion by one of his office nurses. Peter is overwhelmed by the total impact of the investigation and ruinous publicity, ultimately losing Susan, Sirin and his practice. His troubles cease only with his sudden death from a blood clot to the lung at the peak of his despair.

The Ark
By the year 2020 AIDS seems to be unstoppable. After moving through India, southeast Asia and China, now over one billion Earth inhabitants are positive for HIV or are victims of rampaging secondary infections such as tuberculosis. Health care resources are overwhelmed. Only Mir, the International Space Station and Luna One, mankind's first colony on the moon, remain HIV and disease-free. Scientists Jason and Selene Duval work frantically with Adam Selkirk, the governor of the lunar colony, and Constantine Titov, the commander of Mir, to set up the necessary quarantine and control procedures to save the human race as the network of Earth-based biodomes blink out, one by one, victims of overwhelming social chaos.

Brothers of the Perseids
David Duval, chairman of the Department of Neurology, McGill College of Medicine, through his research on remote sensing, identifies a prominent man having extraordinary mental powers. Not only can this man perceive the aura of others, seeing their innermost secrets, but also he can control the thoughts and actions of those in his immediate vicinity. He is a member of the Brotherhood, a Singapore based secret group, composed of people like himself, having cosmic ray induced chromosomal mutation giving these unusual powers. Duval's attempt to reveal the nature of the Brotherhood is thwarted by their guardians who protect their own by erasing the minds of those who threaten them. The secret of world domination by the Brotherhood must be preserved at all costs.

Traditional medicine has failed. Doctor Michael Duval, neurosurgeon at McGill's famous medical college, desperately seeks some way to save the life of his depressed and hopelessly suicidal wife. Dwelling on events of her past she has been resistant to all treatments including psychiatric counseling and multiple electro-shock procedures. Finally, after her third and almost fatal suicide attempt, he conceives a radical approach to treatment involving complete eradiction of her memory followed by restoration of an altered memoy. Doctor Duval secretly proceeds with the project using the floatation tank he had designed in his sensory deprivation work many years previously at Wright-Patterson AFB. There he finds fascinating secret research being carried out on enhanced motivation and learning, using free floating subjects in a sensory deprivation chamber. As he carries out his plan. Duval is plunged into a nightmare of military intelligence conspiracy. He is freed from this trap only when his own memory has been erased and the military has the sole use of this new weapon.

Our Father
After years of fruitless search for life on other planets, finally, in the year 2060, evidence of ancient man is discovered on Mars. The world is stunned by his cave art depicting Devonian era sea creatures. Scientists from space ship Magellan seek answers to the many questons raised by these incredible findings. How did these men come to be on Mars in the apparent absence of evolutionary origin? Why did they die? Why did the planet die? What caused the cataclysmic dislocation of ancient Martian seas leaving the dry, inhospitable Mars we see today? Their reasoning, suggesting unthinkable new concepts, shakes the very foundation of theology. Nothing will ever be the same again.

This is the tale of an unusual boy having extraordinary psychic powers. As a child Paul Duval was a twinkle in his adoring grandfather's eyes and a psychic healer of amazing capabilities. A chance DNA combination from a secret love affair had produced this youngster who even as a baby amazed those around him with healing skills. Year by year his powers expanded and his full potential soared only to plummet abruptly at the death of his beloved Papere. This story will charm you with warm simplicity yet intrigue you with the mystery of the true psychic.

Man's addiction to Bliss had spread from Earth to the asteroids. Billions now languished in the sybaritic world of the most pleasurable drug ever to be devised. The Agency's hope in eliminating this scourge was the Lone Ranger of Space, Doctor Duval Botticelli, who with the identical twin crew, sensuous Yin and Yang and omnipotent robot, Tonto, meet the challenges of medicine in the year 2060. From delivering the baby of a pregnant male miner on Moon's farside to encountering on Mars the fiendish LUCA, life's ancestor and most horrible enemy, the team is carried from crisis to crisis by Florence Nightingale, the fastest space ship, ever. Their greatest challenge is Queenie, the blind psychic of immense proportions, who on Shang Ming, the Moon's Chinese colony, rules her Bliss empire.

What is the true essence of man? Is it our traditional concept of man with his head and paired extremities, the prolific biped who threatens to cover the Earth? Or is it the brain of man, that two pounds of DNA-driven matter containing his past, present and future? To Doctor Albert Duval on Pathway, Russia's top-secret space laboratory, the brain is the true essence of man; all else is purely supportive and potentially replaceable. His neurosurgical team has perfected the technology to maintain brain function indefinitely regardless of a failing body. He has successfully challenged traditional concepts of man's mortality but the cost is such that only the very rich can afford it. To some these talking heads with their immortal brains are an innovative blessing. To religious fanatics they are an abomination that must be destroyed.

On a distant planet, an ancient culture desperately seeks copper, the key to the terrible prion menace threatening their minds. Never truly plentiful in their area of the galaxy, now even trace amounts of this metal are lacking. Our ancient “Gods” were the astronaut miners from this highly developed culture making man “in their image” as they ravaged our planet for their precious copper ore. Just before the end of the ice age they departed, leaving mysterious tunnels, a copper culture, a race of humans imprinted with a proto-language, legends of a devastating flood and a common belief in a God.

The Phosphene Chronicles
Does God really intend for us to explore the universe?Retinal flashes, known to medical scientists as "phosphenes" herald a major obstacle to manned missions beyond the protective geomagnetic umbrella of Earth. Each retinal flash indicates a "hit" to the brain of our astronauts from unseen cosmic particles passing through the walls of our spacecraft at near light speed. But on the surface of the moon, well within our grasp, is an energy resource of unbelievable potential. The universe beckons us. We must go.

From the clairvoyance of Jeanne D'Arc to the inspiration of Leonardo's Mona Lisa to the remote viewing of Columbus in his search for the Garden of Eden, we are taken to the world of ESP and proof of alien visitations. “You’re certain of all this?” Duane asked. I did as he requested and gave it to the Church for their Vatican records. Since then we have talked deja vue, time warp and the genetic transfer of cultural information but of course still do not really know anything.

duane_graveline_portrait_149Why I became a writer - by Duane Graveline M.D.

I was captivated early on by the imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Later it would be writers like Asimov, having scientific backgrounds. Very few medical students, including myself, could find the time for reading anything but medical books but one of the major blessings of taking my last exam ever was the opportunity to turn to Michener, Manchester and so many others who have left their mark even though I may not have recognized it at the time.

I suppose I write for a reasonably literate audience. Having a smattering of scientific and technical background allows one to more fully appreciate my themes. You will not find excessive violence, murder or mayhem in my books. You will find mystery and some unusual concepts.

I began to think about writing very early in my career for the experiences, which now guide my writing, started almost immediately after medical school graduation. I interned at Walter Reed Army Hospital and by the time I finished internship and began flight surgeon's training, my first book, ICARUS DESTINY, already was taking shape in my mind. My career seemed to lead from one amazing adventure to another. If I was not traveling the world getting "flight time", I was studying the medical effects of prolonged weightlessness or working as an intelligence analyst evaluating what the Soviet's were doing in space and how they were doing it. Or, I was on loan to NASA as flight controller during the Mercury and Gemini launches, sometimes on a coral atoll in the South Pacific, sometimes on a tracking ship. It was wonderful!

It was then that my writing really started for I was collecting some incredible experiences, which culminated with my selection in May of 1965 as scientist astronaut. This was the research phase for much of my writing to come. BROTHERS OF THE PERSEIDS about aura and mind control and MINDCHANGE about suicidal depression, sensory deprivation and memory eradication both started then. THE ARK about the final cure of AIDS and OUR FATHER about discovering life on Mars also originated during this time. TWINKLESEED about psychic healing and CADUCEAN TRIANGLE about the pleasures and frustrations of medical practice are based on both an earlier and later phase of my life. SPACEDOC about space medicine in the year 2060 is where I want to be.

Doc Graveline

Ordering Information

Price $20.00 ( S&H included ) per book. 
Mail to check or money order to:
Duane Graveline
4414 Cormorant Lane
Merritt Island, FL 32953

Price $20.00 ( S&H included ) per book.

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