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Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol
This fully referenced book, Statin Drug Side Effects, is a "must read" if you are on a statin drug or are thinking of going on a statin.
The legacy of statin drug use at today's high doses is a trail of chronic aches and pains, numbness, weakness, confusion, fatigue, impaired memory, shortness of breath and even heart failure.
Most of the statin side effects discussed are largely unknown to your busy doctor.
Only by knowing this information, and in consultation with your healthcare professional, can you make an informed decision about your health care.

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Lipitor® Thief of Memory
When Dr. Duane Graveline, former astronaut, aerospace medical research scientist, flight surgeon, and family doctor is given Lipitor to lower his cholesterol, he temporarily loses his short-term memory.
A year later after being urged to resume the drug at half dose, he lost both short-term and retrograde memory and was finally diagnosed in a hospital ER as having transient global amnesia (TGA).
This is the account of his search for answers that the medical community didn't have -- the how and why of his traumatic experience, and what needs to be done to prevent the devastating side effects to body and mind from the escalating use of statin drugs.

The Statin Damage Crisis

Early on my NASA doctors told me my amnesia response to statins was nothing but a coincidence but I persevered to write my first book, "Lipitor®, Thief of Memory" and now find that over 1,000 cases of amnesia and memory loss have been reported to the FDA, just from Lipitor® alone.  

Then I learned of statin damage to nerves and muscles and profound behavioral and personality changes, demanding I write a second book, "Statin Drugs Side Effects."

Even this broadly encompassing book was insufficient to describe what I have learned more recently of the truly dark side of statins - their ability to alter the very fabric of our makeup.  

I had long wondered why muscle and nerve damage seemed permanent and even progressive like my own ALS-like condition. Now I have found that the ultimate effect of statins on CoQ10 and dolichols is to damage the DNA of the mitochondrial life-force within our cells - mitochondrial mutation masquerading as premature old age.

From Laika With Love
This book reveals the extraordinary life and achievements of Duane Graveline, MD, MPH. Aerospace medical research scientist, United States Air Force flight surgeon, former NASA scientist-astronaut ( NASA Group 4 - 1965) and family doctor.
In 1957, while Graveline was studying at Johns Hopkins University, the Soviet Union followed up their stunning earlier achievement of launching the first satellite into space by sending an instrumented research dog named Laika into orbit aboard Sputnik 2.
Becoming a flight surgeon and conducting space medical research was almost an inevitable career path and he soon found himself in the top secret United States Air Force Foreign Technology Division as an analyst for Soviet Bioastronautics.

Special contribution by Dr. Fred Kelly, MD, a specialist in aerospace medicine, a retired naval aviator and NASA flight surgeon who headed the medical panel of the accident board investigating the Apollo 1 pad fire that took the lives of three American astronauts. Dr Fred Kelly was the first into the capsule after the Apollo 1 fire and for the first time he reveals his personal account of that fateful day.

Duane Graveline MD MPH
Former USAF Flight Surgeon
Former NASA Astronaut
Retired Family Doctor


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The Statin Damage Crisis
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Statin Drugs Side Effects
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