Sytrinol & Krill Oil Results

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Sytrinol & Krill Oil Results

Postby kimsuoil » Mon Sep 17, 2007 10:36 am

I have been taking Sytrinol (300mg/day) for about 4 weeks and added Krill oil 1.5 grams/day for the last 2 weeks. I monitor my cholesterol with Cardio Chek home cholesterol monitor which only test my total cholesterol, so I do not know the breakdown until I get my blood work done on Oct 16.

I also have been taking Benacol chews (2/day after meals)

Here are my numbers for the last four weeks:

8-20-07 (started Sytrinol)
Total cholesterol - 267

9-4-07 (added Krill Oil)
Total cholesterol - 226

Total cholesterol - 237

Total cholesterol - 180

I am very impressed with the results so far and am hoping my HDL increases as studies on Krill Oil state.

I also want to mention that I have been on the South Beach diet for the last month and lost 9-10 lbs and have also been drinking Pomegranate Juice (2 ounces/day) for the last two weeks. I also jog/walk for 40 minutes 5 days/week.

I will continue this regime until I get my full blood work on Oct. 16

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Postby poohhel » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:19 am

kimsuoil: Congrats! Sounds like you are doing really well. Please do let us know your blood work up... I will be checking in often.

I noticed you said you would be keeping this up until bloodwork in October... well let's hope if it works you will continue to do this routine, sounds like you have a great and successful plan... so don't stop just cuz' blood work is done. Just kidding...I know what you meant :)
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Krill Oil

Postby kimsuoil » Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:21 pm

Here are my results after 49 days on Krill Oil:


TC -- 287
LDL -- 219
HDL -- 37
Trig -- 164

Two months later:


TC-- 235
LDL --178
HDL -- 34
Trig -- 113

As stated I have only been on the Krill oil (1.5grams/day) for 49 days.
My total cholesterol is down 18.1%
LDL is down 18.7%
HDL is slightly down :?
Triglycerides are down 31%

Not bad, my doctor was thrilled and said to keep on doing whatever I am doing. I am hoping that when I have used the Krill Oil for over 90 days as stated in Neptune's Biotech's clinical studies( ... search.pdf) that my HDL will begin to rise.

I have my next full blood work on Dec 17, 2007 and I will post those results then.
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Surprise Blockages and 6 stents later!

Postby kimsuoil » Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:03 pm

Well I had my cholesterol test done today and will have the results in the next day or two. However, within the last 3 weeks I was diagnosed with coronary arterial disease. I passed out after my daily 3 mile jog and went to the doctor. I had a echo stress done which indicated blockage. After having an angiogram done the doctors saw blockages in all 3 of my arteries 80-90%. If you remember in past post I have been an avid jogger for the last 26 years, slim and trim, low blood pressure, been taking the B vitamins, folic acid and other supplements mentioned on this site. However my cholesterol has run 235-286 during the last few years. All of my doctors believe the my LDL was the ONLY risk factor that I had.
This past Thursday I had 6 stents put in to open my arteries. I am now on Plavix, a beta blocker, Lipitor, Zetia, and Niaspan in order to lower my cholesterol so the plaque can be stopped in its tracks. My doctor and I both suspect that my LDL (178 on last test) was probably the small ldl particles (LPa) which can infiltrate the endothelium of the arteries and become plaque. I am hoping that Lipitor does not give me as much side effects as the Vytorin did 2 years ago.

I also want to point out that these doctors do alot of these angiograms and can see the plaque build up in people that have high LDL and low HDL and they see that the progression is stopped or reversed in some cases with people that are aggressively treated with statins.

As the Doc mentions on this site, there is a place for these statins for patients such as I with advanced coronary arterial disease(CAD) in order to stop this disease. However, just having High cholesterol doesn't mean your fate will be the same as mine, as there are other risk factors.

The moral of this story is listen to your doctor, asked questions, if you really feel like you need a stress test or another test to rule out CAD, do so. If it looks like you have blockage starting you need to go with the current science of lowering cholesterol (possibly with statins), keeping normal weight, no smoking, exercise etc. Statins are not evil but appropriate when needed. I could have lived with the side effects of muscle & tendon pain while taking a statin instead of having these blockages.

I will be 49 years old tomorrow, and all of my friends are shocked that I was the one affilicted with blockages being the one with the healthiest lifestyles.

If anyone on this site has a similar story of blockage with only high cholesterol as a risk factor please reply.
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The End of the Story:

Postby catamaran » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:19 pm

:D Dear K.,
The underlying cause of your heart disease (CVD) is chronic vitamin C deficiency. Any other therapy aimed at preventing or arresting the atherosclerosis that precedes CVD that does not include large quantities of the vitamin is but a patch-up and a waste of time and money.

Re: "Stop America's #1 Killer" by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD

(I have no vested interest in the sale of Dr. Levy's books.)
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