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Postby kimbee » Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:37 pm

Well, after all these months I would say that I am about 90-95% better. The extreme fatigue has left me, I can raise my head off a pillow, and I no longer feel like I've been hit all over with a baseball bat. I do still have pain in my hips and one shoulder (mostly when I try to do too much), and I believe that the weakness in my left arm and shoulder will be permanent, as it does not seem to be subsiding at all.

I am still taking generic Mobic for pain... I tried stopping it, but have decided that maybe that was a little hasty. I thank goodness that my GP at least believes that I do have pain and keeps refilling the prescription, although he flat out told me that the neither the cinnamon or niacin I was taking had anything whatsoever to do with my symptoms. Yeah, whatever!!!!

I went in to see him for a flu shot last week and he commented yet again about my cholesterol, and I flat out told him I would NOT take any drugs for it. He told me that was my right, to decide what course of treatment I wanted, but would I at least humor him by taking fish oil?

After seeing all these doctors, he's the only one who doesn't treat me like an ignorant two yr old or have tantrums when I ask him questions. My insurance is changing after the first of the year and am not sure if he takes my new insurance. I'll really hate it if I have to try to find a different doctor, as one who actually has compassion and listening skills seems to be rare.
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