Right now I can't walk.

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Postby pmgamer18 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:10 am

Thank you Allen,

I needed to hear this it helps just last week my younger borther had a heart attack. I was lucky I figured out there was some thing wrong and had Heart Bypass Surgery before the Heart Attack.

So today my Heart is as my Heart Dr. says better this his is.

My borther had the same problem I had 2 100% blockage going to his heart. And the 3rd. one feeding his heart from the back was under developed from birth and only working at 40%.

So he did not listen to me 3 yrs. ago when I told him to have his heart check out.

So now he has damage to his heart and kidinys.

And they put him on Statin Drugs and he knows what this did to me. And he knows from the links I sent him this will not help his heart much.

He is home now but the Dr. says the next 2 weeks will be critical he is like a six cylinder
engine running on four cylinders.

So he will not let him evern talk on the phone until he sees him tomorrow.

I have made up my mind things I can't do I am not doing them I don't care what my Dr.'s say or others say they are not in my body. They have no Idea what this pain is like when you do things and get set back.

Thanks again and thank God for this forum.
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Postby Allen1 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:44 pm

Hi there Phil,

your brother and myself have some things in common to a degree especially the heart attack and the future triple bypass that he may require. My first post that I wrote here took several hours to write, apart from pain and exhaustion my thinking and typing ability was that of an imbecile more or less. This was down to Statins, I have been off them for just under 5 years now and some things improved but in general when one thing became tolerable, something new would take its place.

Here is my first post, I hope your brother reads it and gets off this poison before he finds himself heading the way both you and myself have. As I mentioned above, this took many hours to write and I would hate to see anyone else go through all those unnecessary tests and problems because of the statins.

All the best,
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Postby pmgamer18 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:57 pm

Thanks Allen,

I will send this to him when I know he is recovered. I don't want to upset him now. Get job.
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Re: Right now I can't walk.

Postby pmgamer18 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:30 am

Hi all it's been a long tme things are no worse but not any better. I was posting at a forum I am a member at and got a reply from a guy that said this.
Hey pmgamer,

bad to hear that story man.. have you considered idebenone instaid? personal i have had much more effect from in than the natural form.
i have take it 8 months, and it have made it possible to ride a bikecycle agian and he said he was in pain all the time now is back to work 30 hrs/ week.
I had posted this.
I can't tell everyone how much this helped me.
After having heart Bypass Surgery and having it go bad because the Heart Surgeon took me off TRT and my sternum became infected. They had to open me up again and leave me open because they had me on blood thinners. They would get my blood right then fix the problem and close me back up. Then the same thing would happen so I ended up being put in a coma for 14 weeks. Until my Family Dr. heard I was in trouble and came to see me and seen I was off TRT.

He had it put in my chart not to do this he fixed this and to hold my sternum together the pulled my chest muscles across my chest and sowed them together.

After all this then I was put on Statin Drugs and in two yrs they crippled me I can't walk with out a walker and when I do I am on a lot of pain.

It's a long story but in this link you can read about how this happens due to Statin drugs lowering CoQ10 levels.

When I could not walk anymore Dr.'s listened to me and took me off Statin Drugs and put me on CoQ10 in the forum of Ubiqwuinol. I was put on 400 mgs 3x's / day I can't tell you how much this helped and it is still helping. Today I take 200 mgs 3x's / day.

Even if your not on Statin drugs taking this is a dam good idea for your body and heart.
Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
My Question is this dose anyone know about this supplement Idebenone or has anyone tired it and found it worked here is a link and a cut and paste about what it is.
I see my heart Dr. this Fri. and don't want to waste his time with this if it's not worth it I have tried so many things I have given up trieing.
Thanks Phil


Idebenone is an analogue of Coenzyme Q10.


In most respects, Idebenone shares its traits with Coenzyme Q10. Like Coenzyme Q10 is might be useful for aging. It differs from it in some important ways, which may make it more useful. Under certain circumstances, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may become a pro-oxidant. These circumstances are conditions in which hypoxia or lack of oxygen occurs. In cases of shock, heart attack, stroke, or poor circulation, CoQ10 auto-oxidizes and unleashes massive amounts of various free radicals that damage delicate tissues and because CoQ10 is necessary for electron transport and ATP (chemical energy) production, cellular death may ensue. Idebenone, on the other hand, suppresses free radicals and continues ATP production in hypoxic situations. This may make it a useful supplement for individuals at risk for those conditions.

Other important traits of Idebenone not shared by CoQ10 include the ability to raise the brain's serotonin levels like the SSRI antidepressants (Prozac) and it also increases the brain levels of nerve growth factor. Another trait is to protect the myelin sheath from damage as well as the mitochondria that has important implications in Multiple Sclerosis.

The ability to enhance serotonin production occurs even under less than optimal conditions such as those whose diet contains little L-Tryptophan.

Naturally, nerve growth is a desired result in many conditions. In Alzheimer's Disease, for example, several studies show dose dependent improvements when compared to placebo as measured by different tests when taking Idebenone. An abstract said, "Treatment with idebenone was found effective on memory, attention, and orientation and in slowing down the natural progressive worsening of the disease."

The following conditions may benefit from Idebenone: Brain enhancement as a nootropic, stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, surgical candidates, cardiovascular, MS, other demyelination conditions, aging, depression, Friedreich's Ataxia, and liver problems.


Few adverse reactions have been noted with this substance even at doses of 900 mg daily.

Another description:

Idebenone is an analog (variation) of Coenzyme Q10, a powerful anti-oxidant biochemical known also as "ubiquinone" and most commonly as CoQ10. This substance is the energy producing unit of our body cells. Every process in our bodies requires CoQ10. Without CoQ10 life stops.

Benefits of CoQ10 in autism are:
Supplies energy necessary for proper Immune Response
Strong antioxidant power to help prevent free radical damage
Provides energy for the natural detoxification process in the liver
Helps fight off Candida and bacterial and viral infections
Helps correct immunodeficiencies
Enhanced Focus
Mood Elevation
Desire to engage in more conversation
Idebenone supplies all of the same benefits as CoQ10 plus some distinct advantages based on its more complex chemical structure. Though very similar in chemical make-up to CoQ10, its longer chain organic structure gives it extra powerful anti-oxidant properties making it a more effective "free radical quencher" resulting in less cell and tissue damage.

Some leading doctors treating autism believe that Idebenone offers three very distinct advantages over CoQ10 in supplementing developmental disorders.

Studies show that Idebenone enhances brain structure and function
Its superior anti-oxidant properties protect body organs more efficiently
Offers protection against excitatory amino acid neurotoxicity from ingestion of these ingredients through the diet (Examples: MSG, artificial sweeteners, canned soups and meats, spices, etc.)
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