Weak detrusor muscle caused by statin?

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Weak detrusor muscle caused by statin?

Postby Wonga » Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:22 pm

For the last year I noticed that I was having trouble voiding the last few mls of urine. The doctor said that it was a result of normal ageing and the detrusor muscle that contracts the bladder gradually getting weaker as men get older, despite being 'just' 53!.

Within days of stopping the mere 10mg alternate day Simavastatin that I was on, I was able to void all urine!

That statins can affect deleteriously so many different muscles differently, every person uniquely, is amazing.

Do statins EVER have a justified use for any reason at all in the physician's armamentarium?!
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Postby Allen1 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:55 am

On top of that, I found there was also the frequent need to get out of bed at night to go and urinate which was a problem, that caused a lot of breaks in sleep patterns which only made the rest of the things going on much worse. I know that its taken me 2 to 2 1/2 years since quitting Simvastatin to only need to get up once or twice instead of 3 to 6 times for the toilet.

Mind you some of those those wakening up for the toilet were a good thing at times, especially when having another vivid dream full of doom and gloom that were plentiful while and since taking that poison, a lot of things I dreamt of were work related and it got so bad that I never really knew what had actually been said in real life or what I had been going on in the dreams, pretty frightening I can assure you and some of the dreams had me soaking in sweat. I still have dreams like that, they are not as frequent but totally realistic and always gloomy :shock:

The problems with the things that happen to us while taking this poison, is that one problem rolls into another and another all the time. I know that if I was asked about my symptoms, it would have been how I was feeling on that day, everything else you had previously just got forgotten about as something else cropped up. I had and still do have some memory problems from taking the statins, that may be my reason for not recalling many problems at a time if I was asked.

I have mentioned in other threads that peoples memory get jogged when they see what others are mentioning in their posts and then realise that is what happened to me and that etc, at the time we were alone with these problems, it is now good to see from postings that others can vouch for those problems not being imagined as some doctors seem to think..

On the lighter side.
Nowadays I am pretty regular, I sleep most nights and only need to urinate around 6 O clock in the morning and then have a bowel movement around 7, one of these days I must remember to set my alarm clock as I don't get up till around 8 :shock: :wink: :roll:
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