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Snogurl- where in Canada

Postby Chantelle » Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:29 am

Hi I temporarily live in Alberta Canada. I have mitochondrial disorders from Crestor..The reason I ask you where you live in Canada is because I am in dire need of some type of treatment from a good specialist and wonder if where you live if "they ( doctors) acknowedge this as a very serious disease? ?" ( this would give me some idea)
I have been ill ( Crestor) and acquired myopathy 5 years ago ..I wasnt able to see another doctor as they wouldnt accept me..I weighed 146 in 2005 then spiralled down to 94 pounds.!. (The idiot - Crestor - doctor thought that was a good weight even though I am 5'4') I was so skeletal and old looking that people including the doctors were afraid of me.
I still havent gotten anywhere and still in bad shape and weigh 105 lbs now..I have noticed that my urine is extremely dark ( scary and most unusual) and then it will lighten then gets dark again.
This doctor has obstructed me in every possible way (lying to other doctors ) from getting my files for years and the College of Physicians now had to request the records.(.I have been trying to get these records for the past 4 years ) and now my condition is scary and I am wondering if I even need the records now as the symptoms talk.. I have dark dark urine and yes I also get those strange looking jelly looking big lumps on my arms I feel at this stage of the game I should find a well qualifed statin smart specialist as the symptoms have changed over the past few weeks drastically but the lumps have been there for 4 years as I lost 40 lbs very fast and have those weird lumps jumping out. I am trying to get the records to send to Mcmaster University Hospital in Hamilton as they have good thorough knowledge of this mito..I havent been myself nor able to work since 2007. what are the lumps? ( I am rather abit afraid to take the full supplements as I take a few other pharmaceuticals and not know if its a good idea to mix..they should be compatible.. Pls reply
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