Severe gout attack from Crestor!

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Severe gout attack from Crestor!

Postby RonRay » Tue May 02, 2006 4:06 pm

After a blood test, my doctor said my cholesterol was elevated and prescribed Crestor. He gave me Crestor samples for 10 mg per day for six weeks. I had taken only two (two days), when my right index finger/knuckle began to show signs of gout!
I have had gout off-and-on for about 10 years, so I know how it feels when an attach first begins. However, in the past, it has always been in my feet, never above my ankles, so I really thought it was something else, since it was now in my hand.
I continued with the Crestor for the third day, by which time the gout in my index knuckle was so severe, I couldn't use my hand at all. (Anyone who has went through gout knows what I mean!) My hand was swelled to twice its normal size.
I began my regimen of Colchicine, cherry fruit extract, vitamin C, and celery seed extract, never once considering the Crestor I had taken.
On the 4th day, I was in real pain!
I then began to consider everything that I had eaten and drank that could cause this first-time gout attack in my hand. The only thing different was the Crestor!
I immediately stopped taking the Crestor, but still didn't know if it had a history of causing gout or not... - until now!

After reading all the entries from this site and others, I'm certain that it was the Crestor that caused this terrible gout attack!
Also, until now I've attributed my low grade fever and all-over aching to the gout, but not now...! Now I believe it's an additional side effect of the Crestor.

How many people are going to be permanently damaged by this type medication (Statin drugs) before it is taken off the market!?

All of these doctors "have" to know at least 'this' much....! And yet they continue to prescribe it... It's evident that money is more important than people!
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Postby ironic » Wed May 03, 2006 10:27 am

Here is the page on the site regarding gout and Statins.

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