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muscles feel as though they're contracting

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:07 pm
by damaged
Hello all,
Lately, I've been having a lot of pain while at rest and my muscles feel as though they're contracting.

Tonight it was worse than usual, so I tried stretching the large muscles/tendons found in the backs of my thighs for 25 minutes or so.

I've tried this a few times before, and it's always painful while stretching. But when I stand up, the pain is usually reduced by 15-20%. The relief lasts only a few hours, and the tightening begins again.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to lactic acid "building up" (if this is what is in fact happening), what causes it, or what might help prevent it.

I have no idea what type of DR. would be helpful with these questions.
The only advice I've gotten so far - a chiropractor suggested lots of water, and deep tissue massage.
I've been trying these but it's continues to worsen.

Any thoughts?


PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:02 pm
by cjbrooksjc
Cramping or tightening of muscles is typical of Statin damage. I had the problem in all parts of my body. I used 300 to 700 Mg of Potassium and one 625 Mg capsule of Magnesium MALATE (there are many sub-types of Magnesium supplements) at night to ease the problems. This worked for me, but I have since switched to warm Epsom salts baths (really just Magnesium salts) and topical Magnesium application (see internet) because my body began to react to the oral Magnesium. You might give this a try. Do your legs bother you at night?



PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:20 pm
by David Staup
I would add calcium to the mag and potasium that brooks suggested...
and many get relief with quinine


PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:49 pm
by damaged
Thanks to the both of you.

"Do your legs bother you at night?"

I've been dealing with statin damage for 8-10 years. The recent additional pain started about two years ago.

It's as if my leg muscles are tightening in a direction as to wind me up in a fetal position (if that makes sense).

It's alarming how fast my muscles start to draw my legs into a bent position during inactivity. Usually while sleeping.

I'm hoping that this is not an advanced stage of what happens when muscles have been ruined by the statins.

I'm currently using my muscles as much as possible. It's not a matter of laying around and not using them.

I put a pool in, and am looking forward to water therapy. I'm guessing that it'll either help or hurt things, and that I'll know which it will be shortly after summer begins.

I've never heard of topical Magnesium application. I'll certainly look into it.

Thanks again.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:54 pm
by cjbrooksjc
Damaged: Sounds like statins at work Lots of topical applications on the internet.



PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 1:35 pm
by lars999

This thread is disturbingly applicable to me because it suggests I will not be enjoying any permanent, extensive recovery from Lipitor caused damage.

Increasingly, even moderate (by my standards) physical activity leaves muscles used achy, "sore" and prone to tightening at night, even awakening me. Most immediate relief has been from Aspercreme (non-stinky version).

Aspercreme applied before activity to affected muscles and again at bedtime also appears successful in avoiding this disturbing aftereffect of even moderate physical exercise (hiking for up to 6 miles in 3,0-4,0 hours on essentially level terrain (300 feet variations, not 1.000-2.000 feet I encounter when back in high mountains). Using ibuprofin twice daily seems to be useful too. This is happening most with those muscles most affected by Lipitor and that needed most TLC and caution when initially rehabing them after quitting Lipitor.

As a consequence, I have returned to twice daily taking suite of supplements I used when recovering from Lipitor damage, which also seems effective. Right now I am having visions of all this being a constant companion for my remaining years.

All this is additionally disturbing because I have fond hopes of returning to much (2X) higher levels of sustained physical activity this coming ski season.
I still got mountains I want to ski .......


muscle damage

PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:13 pm
by jmwe29
Glad to find this thread. My mother was on statins for years, and ended up in a nursing home as a result. Her muscles have been deteriorating for years and even though she's been off the stuff for a couple years now, her legs are now useless and draw up to the point that she can no longer straighten them out. Statins destroyed her legs and her memory. This is the first confirmation I've found that statins are to blame for her legs not straightening out anymore. Lars999- I hope you were able to return to the ski slopes.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:11 pm
by cjbrooksjc
Damaged: Sorry to be remiss in replying; I seldom visit the site any more. To the point: YES, my legs bother me at night in the hamstring area, and they hurt in the quad area; too much exercise makes it worse. I am resolved to managing this problem on a day-by-day basis. Best of luck in your struggle.


Diagnostic work-up at ALS Clinic this week

PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:23 pm
by Nancy W
David, I have had an interesting Fall. Clearly exacerbating symptoms of myo-neural damage over the summer. Sleep became next to impossible due to all the muscle fasciculations. My naturyopath provided me with a prescription for CBD/THC, which helps, tremendously. I traveled twice in this period of time, each journey about 10 days, and I did each trip without bringing marijuana, since marijuana is illegal in Texas (where my kids and grandkids are) and in Mexico (where you go immediately to jail if they find pot). Both trips were nightmares for me. Almost no sleep, which ultimately produced mind-blowing anxiety. Home again, I realized I was becoming weaker and weaker. Dragging my right foot. Tripping over it. Poor grip strength. Dr. G. encouraged me to get a diagnostic work-up, which has been easier said than done. But, system complications aside, I am scheduled to see Seattle's top ALS neurologist this coming Friday.

I have been doing a lot of reading. Of course I have read the articles written by Dr. Graveline and the other docs on this site. With the symptom set I have (pretty much the entire symptom set for ALS), I have also been on the ALS site reading. I have been looking over the "Deanna Protocol," a mostly nutritional and supplemental approach to lessening the effects for the statin damage. Somewhere I stumbled upon four books written by Hannah Yoseph, MD and her husband, James Yoseph, who is affected by statin-damage, I believe. One is called "Statin-Induced Neuropathy and Myopathy, and the newest one is titled "Conquering Lou Gehrig's Disease: The ALS Diet." I just finished reading that has a lot of the same info as the other one I referred to. Much of the discussion relates to the damage by mycotoxins, which are statins. Also other very interesting information about CWD's and about infections within the cells. I haven't read the other two books yet, one called "Serial Killers." And the other called "Poisoned." She is taking a different approach than I have read about elsewhere. The "diet" she proposes is not the same as the (expensive) Deanna Protocol for ALS.

Wondered if you have read any of their books, or if anyone else reading this post has??? Any thoughts?

Which leads me to my question to you about LBD and apoptosis. Can you post the link again? I have reread your posts. How much Benadryl do you take? What changes did you notice and in what time frame?

I am glad that I am going to see Dr. Elliott...Figure he can well diagnose ALS. And if he is worth his reputation, then he must be aware of the connection with statin/mycotoxicity. He is about to leave the ALS clinic he is in and go to a different hospital locally, so this visit will probably not include the full diagnostics, but will be more of an initial consult. I want to be as well-informed about options and ideas as I can.

Will report back in about a week...Nancy

Re: muscles feel as though they're contracting

PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:36 pm
by David Staup
the dose is 1 mg per 30 lbs first thing in the am, lunch time, dinner time, and twice that dose at bed time.

the study: ... 0261904498

the prepub: ... 2760900197

go here to see the progression of improvements can be seen here:


start with the first 4 or 5 posts on page 1 then go to the 7 month update on page 3 and read from there on.
I should update again but you'll get the idea.

You can see feedback here:



Re: muscles feel as though they're contracting

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:50 pm
by schatzi
David, just read your post from Dec 2015. I do have the same issues with muscle contraction, not just in the calves and upper thigh, also in the upper abdominal area and sometimes in my arms.

I have found that drinking Low Sodium V8 or Low Sodium Tomato Juice, 8oz, once or twice a day, especially before bed time has been very helpful in alleviating the problem. 11.5 oz of Low Sodium V8 Juice provides 1180mg of Potassium.

My husband and I both swear by that. We both have peripheral neuropathy, mine from long time Statin use, his from Agent Orange exposure and subsequent Diabetes.

Hope it helps you as well.

Re: muscles feel as though they're contracting

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:03 pm
by jrm0rgan
Hello damaged,
Are you still looking at this forum. I am a poor example, I have not been on here since Mar 20 something......... I saw my personal symptoms in your words.
My "contracting muscles" symptoms have improved greatly over the last year. You describe exactly how I was a year or so ago. I'll try to give you all that I can guess
that has moved me to where I no longer have that description. I have has other stuff with my legs muscles now but the contracting that physically caused my legs to
curl up as I slept until the pain awakened me several times in night. I will stop with that now and discuss what I think has given me some great improvement over the
last year. #1 - I started going to the pool to swim. This is the only activity ( still ) that gives me a chance to get into any cardio exercise at all. I started with laps using
breast, free style legs only and back leg only strokes. I was counting laps originally and just could make a workout with about ten laps per stroke. So forty laps got me
tired enough in about 35 to 40 minutes. I am no longer counting laps as I kept losing track of my number.... so today I'm yo to sixty minutes, with 15 min per stroke.
I so this ( try anyways) three time each week. Two secrets just for you....... I bought some short swim fins they're for real swimmers to train with. I use a snorkel and dive mask to make my laps less of a problem for my aged neck and back. Also got some training swim mitts that give you better arm pulling. Oh yeah, I said two secrets, "Silver Sneakers" is a program through my medical insurance that pay the pool fees. If you're Medicare age you might have it.
I'll give a run down on the vitamin / supplement regimen from Dr Graveline ( and others ) once I see that you are still looking here.
I hope you really don't need all this,

Re: muscles feel as though they're contracting

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:09 am
by damaged
Everyone, thanks for taking the time.
I heard that water therapy might help from a few different folks, so I bought a swimming pool and began excercize. It made movement much easier, but the result was that I'd feel like I was cross country skiing the previous day. Lately, I've been using a stationary bike and trying different resistance and duration. I do this to prevent atrophy and make sure NEVER to over do it. I'm seeing a therapist and he's very interested in the condition (a very welcome and rare attitude) and he has been helping with stretching the ham strings.
My legs continue to shrink and I have to place a pillow between them in order to sleep with them together because the knees are so close to the skin, with no cushion. It's crazy. I was a carpenter for 30 years and had very strong legs with a lot of muscle definition. Almost like a body builder.
Statins are an insidious drug. The drug companies continue to advertise them and simply settle out of court with those that are damaged. This makes perfect sense with the profit being what it is. I just read that statins have overtaken anti-depressants as the most profitable drug being sold.
And, the cardiologists STILL will discharge me as a patient if I have the nerve to refuse "statin therapy". It happened again a few months ago when I needed cardiac clearance for surgery.
Thanks again to all that responded.