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Scalp's frontalis and occipitalis muscles

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:52 pm
by Wonga
I was on the minimum dose of just 10mg Simvastatin every other day, for a year, but stopped last week when I started to get cramps in both hands, and pain in the scalp aponeurosis.

Relief within 2 days!

I believe that after a year, the statin was starting to weaken the frontalis and occipitalis muscles!

Anyone else experience those muscles?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:23 am
by lars999
Hello Wonga,

Many of us, me included, have had pains in one or more sets of ligaments. Typically, these were ligaments in joints. I kinda recall having a very sensitive scalp shortly after quitting Lipitor, as well as very sensitive soles of feet in the latter months on Lipitor and for some weeks after. Only the sensitive soles of feet really got my attention because walking was getting rather painful.

I even have one ruptured tendon and a few stretched tendons/ligaments that I suspect Lipitor is at least partly to blame for.

Muscle cramps are common. For some of us they became quite debilitating. For me lower back muscles became VERY subject to massive, immoblizing cramps. Various arm, hand and calf muscles also became very cramp-prone, which has greatly diminished 6-months after quitting Lipitor.

Many (most?, nearly all?) of us have identified many/all of our personal adverse side effects from statins by same process as you are using. Get problem, stop statin drug, problem goes away. Those demanding more definite proof can go back to taking statin pill and see if problem returns, then stop the pill again and see if problem goes away again. Most of us are not so demanding of proof or so addicted to our statin adverse effects.

Don't be surprised if your list of statin adverse effects continues to grow for week to months or more.


PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:37 pm
by vicki
one ruptured tendon and a few stretched tendons/ligaments that I suspect Lipitor is at least partly to blame for.

I would say totally to blame, i had the same problems

The soles of my feet, I got to the point I couldn't stand to walk, then they peeled big chunks of skin, stabbing pains and nerve damage.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:38 pm
by lars999

I too lost lots of skin from bottoms of my feet, until there was only very thin skin left. I also ended up with major problem with dry, flaky, cracked skin all over my feet and ankles. Happily, skin on bottoms of feet is now much thicker and skin on tops and sides of feet and ankles is now pretty normal, but not entirely.