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Postby David Staup » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:24 pm


clerly you did not look any further into the restrictions. they are old, were initiated because of ONE complaint claiming her recommendations put patients at risk ie they went against conventional wisdom. the matter was eventually resolved due in part to an upwelling of support from her patients and the restrictions were lifted. at least that's my understanding.
a typical tactic of the established med/pharm system that makes a lot of money put in jepordy by here asertions.

also there are many angles to approach understanding of mito function (and therefore dysfunction) google "recovering from running a marathon" and there are several healpful sites.

I'm looking at "exercise physiology and mitochondrial disorders". I happened arcoss a mention of "mito disorders" in a test that included many questions on mito function for some class on exercise physiopogy at a small college about 30 miles from me. I'm going over monday to see if I can question some of the professors.....could be a gold mine!
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No, I did not look any further than what is posted on Dr. Myhill's own website. Unless I missunderstood the English used (entirely possible), the restrictions have not yet been lifted, but, that her case is to be reviewed in three months. Whatever the actual situation, it really does not diminish my current interest in contents of her Booklet, in part because I am really not interested in perscription drugs but in treatments that actually work to better my health over however many years I have left.

Perhaps once I have learned lots more about all this, I will have a different opinion. IF SO, I intend that it be based on comparison with actual data from other sources.

It was a damnable perscription drug that got me into this mess. Given how much we are learning about how much all statin drugs mess with our mitochondria, I can only condem all statin drugs and the doctors that perscribe them.

It does not surprise me that there would be only one complaint. I am now working with a nearby doctor of a group of four. Some time back they were "censored" because of a single complaint. I do not know the specifics of that one either.

Look forward to hearing about what you learn about "exercise physiology and mitochondrial disorders". I will Google "recovering from running a marathon". I am no where close to ever running a marathon, but, I did, finally get back to jogging yesterday, for a whole 1/8 mile three times, at speed of 4,5 mph. Big improvement from 1,0 mile at 2,0 mph walking one month ago. Hope to try again tomorrow.

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Postby lars999 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:21 pm

Could not resist doing another Google search this evening, this time on "exercise physiology and mitochondrial disorders". I quickly encountered the following two largish medical books.

Clinical exercise physiology: application and physiological principles - Google böcker, resultat
Linda M. LeMura, Serge P. Von Duvillard - 2004 - Medical - 668 sidor
Patients with mitochondrial disorders may present with exercise intolerance, diabetes, neuropathy, cardiomyopathy, fatigue, hearing loss, and pancreatitis ...


ACSM's advanced exercise physiology - Google böcker, resultat
Charles M. Tipton, American College of Sports Medicine - 2006 - Medical - 684 sidor
Moreover, it is now recognized that mitochondrial dysfunction, brought about by ... in muscle are highly specific and depend upon the type of exercise (ie, ...

Either of these books should keep any one of us outta trouble for a while.

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