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Rhabdomolysis and compression fractures

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:10 am
by kcrose84
Has anyone else had compression fractures? We found out that my husband has some old compression fractures in his lower spine, I have read that they could be from the Statin drugs, but haven't seen that mentioned much in these posts. He has noticeable swelling at the site of the fractures and has a good deal of pain there. He never had the pain before he was hospitalized for kidney failure and sepsis.
The first place he had pain after taking Niaspam and Vytorin was his right shoulder, we saw an Orthopedist thinking it was a bone related problem. He had x rays and an MRI, all it showed was a large bone spur on the top of his shoulder. He still has pain there and it has become somewhat frozen, but since he started on Neurontin and Ultram the pain has lessened. We were wondering if he should have the bone spur removed or just wait till he recovers a little more from the Statin drug poisoning?