Vytorin causing dream problems?

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Vytorin causing dream problems?

Postby fc38 » Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:31 pm

I am a healthy 69 year old male that has had two by-pass operations.
The first one at age 50 followed by a second one 13 years later.
Other than the arterial blockage I have had no health problems.
After the first by-pass I was put on Mevacor at 40 mg dosage. My cholesterol dropped from 226 t0 178 and it stayed at this level until I had the second operation. During this 13 year period I do not recall having any memory,muscle or any other problems associated with this statin.
After the second operation I was put on Lipitor at two different dosages but was having all kinds of problems with memory, muscle soreness and general weakness. I was then switched over to Zokor...same thing.
My cholesterol was down to 159 .
I was switched over to Vytorin 10/20 and got a reading of 138 but was still having pains, I suggested to the Doctor that maybe a 5/10 dosage would work, He agreed, Cholesterol stayed at 138, much less pain but still noticeable.
About 3 months ago I unilaterally cut the dosage to 2.5/5, pain gone, cholesterol increased to 145.
At about the same time as the cut in dosage to 2.5/5, I started having very vivid dreams that I could remember clearly when I awoke.
In some of the dreams I would be involved in some sort of physical conflict with people that i did not know.I was always on defense.
About three weeks ago started to slap at or kick the other person on my dreams, The problem is that I was really slapping and kicking in the bed.
Unfortunately my poor wife got in the way. She was not hurt but very scared, as was I.
I have researched the symptoms and found that I probably have REM Behavior Disorder (RBD).
This can be a serious illness and can be the first signs of Parkinson's and or Dementia, I will go to the doctor in two weeks and hope for the best and in the mean time i will start sleeping in another bed.
My question, after all the background clutter (sorry), is: Has anyone on this forum had any sleep/dream problems that have coincided with statins or change in dosage?
Thanks for your help.
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Postby jwgncolo » Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:23 am


I was on Vytorin 10/40 for one month after many years of Lipitor. During my Vytorin 'nightmare', I had experienced the most bizarre & vivid dreams of my life.....real disturbing stuff. After dropping all statins in late April, my sleep patterns and dreams returned to normal type stuff.

All I take now is the supplement regimen described throughout this site.

Good luck & good health....(without statins!)
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