Vytorin 10/40 - Is it taking my husband away from me???

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Postby DEgirl » Fri May 04, 2007 4:05 pm


Is anyone here familiar with "Omacor" and would it be safe to substitute in place of the OTC fish oil I'm giving him? It says it is omega 3-fatty acid but, since this is in prescription strength.... Need to know if I should add it in place of the OTC fish oil or leave well enough alone with hubby.

We get samples of this at work and I have a case of it that was given to me. Wondering if I should give it to hubby or "leave it at WORK". :lol:
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Postby poohhel » Mon May 07, 2007 3:34 pm

I take Omacor and have no issues at all... my doctor says that Omacor is a better/purer blend than the OTC versions. Additionally, Omacor can be taken with pretty much everything and does not have any known conflicts except in people allergic to fish or shellfish. If you got it free at work...I would switch. Reminder I am not a physician I only play one on tv, lol. So this is my opinion. :D
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Postby DEgirl » Wed May 09, 2007 8:34 pm

poohhel ::::: Thank you for the response about Omacor. We'll try it here and see what happens. I don't think hubby is allergic but, he does complain of the size of the OTC fish oil capsules and the after taste it leaves. If anyone here has had a reaction from "Omacor" though, PLEASE post and let us all know.
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Postby Brian C. » Thu May 10, 2007 1:04 am

DEGirl, I have read somewhere very recently (on Stopped Our Statins?) that "fishy burp" is a sign that the oil has become rancid.

Brian C.
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Postby poohhel » Thu May 10, 2007 2:48 am

The Omacor is pretty large too but I never have an aftertaste... but it does make me burp a lot more
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Postby Cat Mom2 » Sun Jun 10, 2007 11:02 am

I was reading your post and that was scarey!!! Makes a person wonder how many other people have been effected like that and are clueless as to what is going on. This stuff is ruining a lot of lives and you can't find a doctor to believe/admit that is what it is.

The full impact of what these statin drugs are doing to people NEEDS to get out in the public but such a sell job has been done on them, that nobody wants to hear it, convienced they will die if they don't take it. I feel positive that one day, this full story WILL come out for the scam that it is (remember the big tobacco farce?) and I just hope I am around to see it happen. Since I quit taking this poisin almost a year ago, it is a good chance I will be around to see that happen now.

Congratulations to you and your husband for overcoming this horrid time in your lives. THAT is about the scariest story I have read about yet!
Cat Mom2
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Postby DEgirl » Sat Jan 19, 2008 2:41 pm

UPDATE in light of the new statin Zetia mess :::: I am posting here again because of the mess I was subjected to with my husband and Vytorin several months back.

Some now know from those posts that I now work in a medical office who must hear drug reps sing the praises of this TRASH of Statins out on the market. In fact, I am posting a story that happened this past friday afternoon to me in my office at work. I know full well that I should not even WASTE MY TIME trying to get through to these Statin Drug PUSHERS that come into Doctor offices nation wide in the form of "Drug Company Reps" ---- Basically to do their job which is to.... Hock and sing the praises of these DANGEROUS Statins drugs to the Doctors. In fact, this past Friday afternoon one of these JUNK STAIN pushers REALLY got under my skin SO BAD about the side-effects my husband had ----- that "this Wizard of Oz Dorothy if you will, DID NOT even let him back to see THE WIZARD (the Doctor) he made me so upset with him"!!!! He treated me BADLY and acted like I was LYING to him of my situation a few months back!!!!

YES-- I understand he has a job to do. However, in a conversation about Stain drugs and their SIDE-EFFECTS he was singing the glorious praises of his statin LIPITOR. When I mentioned what happened to my husband on Vytorin and how he could have KILLED ME (read my previous posts if you haven't already about Vytorin) --- This drug Rep from the makers of Lipitor got so upset with me. He asked me, "WHAT I had my husband on in place of Vytorin"??? I told him.... Nothing but All-Natural supplements found here (including Emu-Capsules) after weening him off of the Vyrtorin. I then told this Rep a fact that my husbands Cholesterol levels are TOTALLY NORMAL. This Pharmacutical Drug PUSHER/ or Drup Company Rep basically told me this --- "I was a total fool and playing with dynamite as well as, lying about his recent blood testing" and there is "NO WAY my husbands Cholesterol levels are or could be NORMAL without a Statin Drug of SOME KIND... Mainly his LIPITOR". Even though --- We have my husbands latest NORMAL BLOOD RESULT TESTING to prove it!!!

In this Drug Company Reps exact words --- "I had BETTER put my husband on "LIPITOR" and the SOONER THE BETTER and that "his whole family" now takes Lipitor with good results. (Yeah, I bet all of them are mentally out to lunch in never-never land too!)

As I said above,---- This Drug Rep did NOT get back to see THE WIZARD that day (the doctor) due to his NASTY BEHAVIOR that he chose to spew up on me. HE WAS HATEFUL with his attitude on Friday like never before. I could clearly see... he was UPSET with me. (He himself takes Lipitor and gets pushed over the edge very easily we've noticed in the office...hmmmmm!!!) If these Reps are NOT SANE with the office STAFF --- They do NOT get back to see our Doctor... Period!!! We are human beings too.

Thank you for allowing me to post this message here in the HOPE that some of these Statin Drug Reps from these Drug Companies ALSO read these boards. --- AND HOPEFULLY JUST LEARN A THING OR TWO THAT YOU NEED TO LEARN!!!

P.S. >>>> In the words of this idiot Rep, "They'll just change the name of Vytorin and Zetia and put it back out on the market".

I was FLOORED to hear that!!!
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Fun With Vytorin

Postby rickdperkins@verizon.net » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:09 pm

Boy where do I start…..OK my name is Rick Perkins. I am 51 years old. About 4 years ago I after suffering what the Doctor was calling angina, I had my first heart cath done. This revealed two 90 percent blockages and one 70 percent blockage. Three stints were put in place. My Cardiologist did some extensive studies of my cholesterol, which by the way, was 295. The Doctor found that I was suffering from hereditary high cholesterol and put me on Lipitor and high blood pressure medicine, along with Plavix. After several months on Lipitor I suffered a cramp in my neck and jaw so severe that my Brother who is a Registered Nurse thought I was having a stroke. Due to this, the Doctor replaced Lipitor with Vytorin. My cholesterol dropped from 295 to 126. Over the next two years I still showed signs of angina with multiple incidents of chest pain. My doctor was concerned after showing weakness in my stress test and had another cath done. This cath showed clear. With no explanation of what was causing the pain. About a year later, here we go again, a third cath and still showed clear still no explanation of the cause of the pain. Another 8 months and this time I started to have strange experiences. I would be walking and just fall down. I would not know why. All I knew was I was walking and then I was picking myself up off the ground, sometimes with sprained body parts. So another stress test. This time the nuclear stress test showed blockage. Another cath was done by a different Doctor and this time as soon as the catheter was inserted, my heart went into full ventricular fibrillation and I soon stopped breathing on the table. The Doctor had to paddle me back. The Doctor said that I was relatively clear showing just about 30 percent blockage in some of my stints. However I was sent to Baylor Heart Hospital in Dallas to have an electro cardiology study done. This study showed nothing. So they implanted a reveal to monitor my heart rhythm. About two weeks after the implant I wind up in the hospital with pneumonia. While trying to determine what was causing the pneumonia, the Doctor found abnormal fluids. He stated that he thought my Gall Bladder was infected and caused the pneumonia. After 9 days in the Hospital I recovered and a Gall Bladder test was scheduled. My Gall Bladder showed only 28 percent of its normal function. The Doctor said that he thought this was due to sludge.
Surgery was scheduled and done. During the Surgery the Surgeon did not like the look of my Liver and did a Biopsy. The biopsy showed severe Liver damage with some necrosis.
In other words parts of my Liver are dead. Oh by the way, when the Gall Bladder was removed it was not full of sludge….JUST CRONICALLY SWOLEN. The Doctor then immediately ordered a full hepatic scan thinking I had hepatitis. The scan showed no viral hepatitis. It was during the time that I was awaiting the results of the lab test that the Vytorin scandal broke on the news, showing that they knew of the dangers and that it had no truly useful effect and had known so for two years before releasing the information…..so let me now take time to thank Merc and Schleberg Plough for their wonderful drug VYTORIN. I will let your imaginations tell you which finger I am holding up.

PS I am going cold turkey off Vytorin as we speak
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Postby cjbrooksjc » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:15 pm

Rick: A hair-raising story to say the least but not surprising. CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins) deplete your Dolichols, HEME, and CoQ10 so severely that side effects are almost a certainty, for without these essential elements as a normal part of your body chemistry, your body begins to 'age' and apoptosis (cell death) can result. Certainly, at least, your mitochondria, the power source, waste management source, and fluid level manager of the cells begin to falter and die, especially in the musculature (and your most important muscle is...?). Only God knows (apparently) what happens to your health then or how long it takes and to what degree you may recover . As a fellow sufferer I sympathize deeply with your plight. On the brighter side, you are now in the right place to begin to take control over your health. Please stay in touch if only to commiserate; recovery is a long, hard road, and we will take the trip with you.

Best wishes,

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Re: Vytorin 10/40 - Is it taking my husband away from me???

Postby DEgirl » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:14 am

Hello everyone! This is DEgirl and after a few years and finding my post still here and hopefully HELPING OTHERS... I want to tell you all the following. First, I feel your pain and I am reading your stories that are very similar to mine here. I would like you all to know... My husband is still doing fine in 2011! ----- I have not allowed him to take any other Statins since this story was posted. We will take our chances with the Cholestrol fraud journey. When a doctor suggests he take something today to help lower his "BARELY ELEVATED CHOLESTEROL LEVELS" ... we smile at each other and tell the doctor... "No thank you" he's had a BAD reaction to Statins. We are both alive and well today thanks to running the other direction AWAY from Statin medications! Best of luck to all of you out there battling these NIGHTMARES! ~DEgirl

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Postby lars999 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:57 pm


Great to hear your husband is doing well, now that he is off statin drug!!his

IF not already, suggest that you and he list statins high on list of drugs he is severely allergic to. I and at least a few others have been doing this. It really helps get attention of nurses and doctors, plus it will (or should) become part of your husband's medical record. I find nurses ask far more questions that doctors about this, perhaps simply because it is part of their job. Doctors are nearly always defensive.

IF you do lists statins as severe allergy causers, you might want to check back to verify that that information is now actually in his medical record. I recently found that one nurse refused to enter this information and also entered various other erronious informations.

Again, great to read you 2011 post!!
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