Many years of low energy--vytorin the culprit?

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Many years of low energy--vytorin the culprit?

Postby delmar » Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:06 pm

I have just googled onto this site after years of complaining about low energy, taking various statins, including currently vytorin and being told by many differing specialists that they could find nothing wrong, except ldl and trygl were high. I don't have muscle pain but do have low energy, difficulty sleeping, itching and some shortness of breath. Was taking CQ10 but cardiologist said there was no evidence ffor its value and so stopped. After preliminary scanning through this forum I am baffled as to what to believe and what to do next. Suggestions most welcome.

PS Am 79 year old male, had bypass surgery 4 years ago and try to exercise regularly but becomes harder as energy level drops.
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Postby jerrymize » Mon Dec 04, 2006 7:23 am

I too am new to this site and I have all the symptoms you mention in addition to severe muscle pain that comes on when I do any kind of physical activity. I was taking Lipitor for about 8 years and was switched to Vytorin 8 months ago. Prior to that time I never noticed any really bad symptoms but it was shortly after that when the pain started. It was gradual so I didn't connect it to the Vytorin until I stumbled on an article on another site.
I am taking COQ10 and trying to gather information on other vitamins and supplements that may help in the recovery from the statins. I also have sleep apnea, restless legs and periodic limb movement disorder so it will be hard to tell what helps what. The sleep apnea has been especially hard to deal with. I had always heard that it was caused by obesity but now know that is not true as I have never been overweight. I am 70 and in otherwise good health but I am worried that this muscle and nerve damage may be permanent. As someone once said, this getting old isn't for sissies.
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Postby Dee » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:39 am

Everything you have can be related to statin use. The low energy and sleep difficulties can both be sleep apnea, and I have heard of many folks on statins developing sleep apnea. I did and without the CPAP I would have no quality of life whatsoever. (It did take me a long time to adjust to the CPAP and find the right interface that worked for me.)

Jerry, You are correct: getting old is not for sissies. Neither is statin damage. I am 48, have not taken a normal step in over 5 years (biopsy confirmed muscle and nerve damage), and see people in their 70s-80s that have a much better quality of life than I do.

The entire statin fiasco is criminal in my opinion, and every executive in every drug company selling them should be prosecuted for assault, attempted murder and first degree murder (for those that have died from statin adverse effects.) Dee
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Many years of low energy--vytorin the culprit?

Postby delmar » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:06 pm

Jerry and Dee:
Thanks. Hope I am posting this to right place.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 6 years ago. Tried cpap but found it unsatisfactory. Lost weight and problem went away. Then few months ago doc suggested checking it again. Cpap again suggested and I am going to sleep center this week. Also have restless legs. yes, will be interesting perhaps vital to find out what connections are among these symptoms and vytorin. Will report on what sleep doc says this time.

Went to pharmacy today. Pharmacist confirmed that muscle weakness is an effect of statins. Suggested blood tests to confirm condition. Am awating feedback from doc.

If we are all experiencing a serious condition resulting from vytorin and statins, then yes we need to make huge outcry. Is this another VIOXX? Note that in today's NY Times story about a pfizer heart drug that had great ($1 billion already invested) p;romise but has been pulled from trials because of negative results. Shows what a real and tough problem this is.
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