Vytorin Problems

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Vytorin Problems

Postby kimsuoil » Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:08 am

Two years ago (I was 44 at the time) I decided that I needed to lower my cholesterol by other means than I had been doing in the past. My cholesterol since I was in my mid 20's had ranged from 230 to 300.
I had tried an ultra low fat diet and watched my cholesterol zoom to 300. I then tried Sugar Buster's diet which brought my cholesterol down to the 230-250 range. I have also been an avid jogger for the past 25 years, (3 miles, 5 days per week) and my weight and blood pressure is normal. I went to my doctor and he said that my 250 cholesterol at the time was too high and that I needed to go on a statin. Being wary of the unknown side effects of statins I asked him if there was any other therapy. He then said that there was a new drug called Zetia that inhibits the cholesterol in your intestines. I went on Zetia for 6 months and it lower my cholesterol for the first time in my entire life to 199. However, my doctor said that my LDL was still too high and wanted my to add 40 mg of Pravachol to the Zetia. I did this and my cholesterol went down to the 160-170 range.
I stayed on this regime for 11 months without any side effects. Then 7 months ago (December 2004) we decided to try the new combo statin, Vytorin. Vytorin is 10mg of Zetia and 20 mg of Zocor in one pill and cost about half of the two pills I had previously been taking. After one month on the Vytorin my cholesterol went below 150. After 6 months it was down to 133 which at that time I asked my doctor if this seemed too low and he said no, lower is better. After 4-5 months on the Vytorin I had noticed (my wife as well) that my sex drive seemed to be diminished and I was having mild Erection problems which I didn't even think that this was related to the Vytorin use. Then in May of 2005 I had a bad case of the flu which took several weeks for me to recover. When I finally started feeling better my E.D. became worse and low sex drive continued. I found your site on the internet and that is when I thought that my sexual problems were due to either my ultra low cholesterol or directly due to the Vytorin itself. I went back to the doctor and discuss my problem with him. He did not think that the low cholesterol was in any way causing my problem.
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thats normal for statins

Postby RICKY JAMES GODBEE » Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:11 am

Hi mate I can't believe you have not got a reply in all this time.
Since I have become aware of what statins are doing to use I have been reseaching every chance I can.
I have found that this drug that should be called satan, also diminishes libido and sperm prodution.
I myself have found my sex drive is depleting after 9 months on lipator 20 - then 40 and the last 3 months vytorin 10/40 and the last 6 weeks 10/80 . man Ive been making all these complaints to doc 1 now doc 2 and you can guess what there response was.
I hope you are on the road to recovery and takening all the natrual meds that we were blessed to find out on this great forum website.
all the best my distant friend, Rick
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