Male side effects

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Male side effects

Postby madhatter » Tue May 30, 2006 7:38 pm

I am desperately looking for others who may have suffered from the same presumed side effects from Vytorin. I have been on Vytorin for 2 months, and I am experiencing severe pain in my genital areas, so that we are on the same page "my balls HURT". I have also suffered in the past from kidney stones and thought at first I was having another bout - but found out after an X-Ray and CT Scan that everything appeared clear. I am being treated for a "virus" with antibiotics, but the pain continues. The pain moves from left nut to right nut and for no apparant reason. Currently the pain is so intense I am having to take pain pills to keep it under control.

I would greatly appreciate it if any males have experienced the same or similar problems.

FYI - I stopped taking the Vytorin after both my GP and my Urologist cannot figure out what is going on with my symptoms.

Thanks for your help!

A very frustrated MADHATTER!!!!!
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