severe muscle pain in forearms and weakness in leg muscles

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severe muscle pain in forearms and weakness in leg muscles

Postby lizzabee » Fri May 19, 2006 12:15 am

[b]What I am amazed at is how [u]insidious[/u] the damage has been, I began taking statin drugs (Mevacor was the first one, I think) :? ]I was very healthy and active physically at the time I began treatment, but my hereditarily influenced high cholesterol was thought to be too high to be safe. Within three years I have lostthe ability to get up from the floor without some support to hang on to. I attributed this change to sitting about nursing a broken ankle for several months.

:x Until recently I had no idea all the problems I have suffered in the time since beginning statin treatment could be ascribed to this harmful family of drugs. Lipitor was followed by Crestor (which was so bad I could not take more than three days of it.) :!: :!: Then we went to Vytorin. Thats when the muscle damage to the left arm became very obvious. I quit taking these drugs and am investigating the possibility of using a natural[/img][quote] remedy. I am also taking therapy for my poor weak and painful left arm. I pray to be restored to health. what are my chances? I\

I also have cognitive problems and a few periods of memory loss that are so TOTAL that I can hardly believe it.
Thanks, Lizzabee[/quote][/b]
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Postby Darrell » Fri May 19, 2006 8:14 pm

I'm curious about your broken ankle because my first sign that something was going wrong was a knee hyperextension for no apparent reason. Within a few more weeks, knee hyperextension was the least of my problems.

Browse this website and you'll learn how others have handled similar problems. If you haven't started a Q10 supplement already, consider the possibility ASAP. L-Carnitine temporarily relieves muscle symptoms for a few of us. Both are over-the-counter dietary supplements that are widely available. I can't imagine being without them myself.

As for "natural" remedy for your original problems, be careful. Some of the "natural" remedies for high cholesterol have natural statins. See Space Doc's advice on what to take for the real heart risk -- inflammation, not cholesterol.
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muscel weakness

Postby carbuff » Sat May 20, 2006 10:31 am

Hi Lizzabee,

My mother has also experienced muscle weakness in her hands and arms. This seems to be very common in a lot of people.

Be careful with the natural remedies to lower cholesterol...(red yeast, etc) They still contain some form of statins.

What are your other symptoms?

My thoughts are with you...

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