Disabled daughter on Simvastatin - reactions?

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Disabled daughter on Simvastatin - reactions?

Postby Pro Advocate » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:52 pm

My 28 yo daughter, who was born hypotonic and with a genetic/metabolic challenge, was put on Simvastatin almost 4 years ago, 40 mg./day. She lives in a group home and I've attributed her "rages", obvious physical side effects (enuresis, hand tremors, slurring words at times and now she CLAIMS olfactory and auditory hallucinations) to the three other meds she's on, any of which can cause the foregoing.

However, after becoming aware, just a day ago, of this site, i'm HORRIFIED at what Simvastatin MAY have done / be doing to her mind~!

I'm already handicapped in trying to advocate for her, in that i was enticed into volutarily relinquishing guardianship l8 months ago to get her moved quickly out of an abusive situation. I'm now trying to get her guardianship CHANGED since NO ONE takes our concerns seriously -- they are dismissive or in denial re: them all. I NEED a good pro bono attorney or a miracle (if G-d holds a bar card).

In lieu of that, I started a baby blog less than a week ago:
*http://www.stopdruggingthedisabled.blogspot.com/ and ANY advice or input anyone here can provide would be GREATLY appreciated, to draw attention of lawmakes and media to this TRAVESTY and WASTE of Medicaid dollars ~!
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Postby David Staup » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:17 pm

You stated she was born with a metabolic disorder, statins cause mitochondrial dysfunction (also a metabolic disorder). You best approach is to show this and the best way to do that is with the following study:


It may be enough to show this and threaten a lawsuit...
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Postby lars999 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:26 pm

Hello Pro Advocate!

It is not just simvastatin that can and does cause cognitive effects. After quiting Lipitor I was a bit surprized to find that I too had been suffering from cognitive effects, above and beyond the pervasive and increasing "brain fog" that preceeded my quitting Lipitor. For me the demonstrable cognitive effects were badly decreased memory and coordination and much increased reaction times for even simple physical movements. There were probably others.

There seems to be extensive data that statins "make women dumb" -- Googling that comment may find something useful. As I recall, a doctor or medical researcher made such a comment at a lunchen/dinner after having presented formally at a national conference evidence indicating just that. Drug companies and misguided feminists made a big fuss, assuring that the comment would survice.

I do know that a few older women -- 60s-70s -- on simvastatin began to suspect alzheimers and/or dementia were starting. They stopped simvastatin and problem went away over some weeks to months. In Dr. Beatrice Golumb's publications and on her and another website -- *http://www.statineffects.com (San Diego Statin Effects Study) and *http://www.stopped our statins.com -- there are much bettered documented examples of statins inducing mental deterioation.

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