10mg Simvastatin on alternate days and still....!

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10mg Simvastatin on alternate days and still....!

Postby Wonga » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:42 pm

I had 2 LAD BMS stents put in 2 years ago at age 51.

I was put on 80mg Simvastatin - almost died from the side effects after just 7 days.

Eventually settled for the last year on 10mg Simvastatin [b]on alternate days[/b]: kept my total cholesterol down to 200, and LDL to 120.

Doctor told me last week to try Bezafibrate 400mg to lower triglycerides. I stopped the Simvastatin.

Cannot believe how much better I feel in heart, mind, muscles, energy etc by not being on Simvastatin! And that was just from being on the minimum dose taken every other day!

I know that Fibrates work differently from Simvastatin & do not lower CoQ10 levels.

I am tempted to do as the doctor says, but take just 200mg, also every other day.

What do you think?
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