Vytorin what a pain!!!!!!!

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Vytorin what a pain!!!!!!!

Postby RICKY JAMES GODBEE » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:09 pm

Hi to all, Im Rick and Im writing from Australia.
Im so glad I stumbled into this forum.
Ive been stunded by all the storys Ive read already, I didn't get much help on the vytorins company pages about musle and joint aches, only that it may in very rear cases cause muscle damage, then I found you's.
I have a few questions Im hoping someone can answer for me, but first just a little history.
Im 46 and always had moderate to high colesterol. Jan 2008 I had a heart attack and had a stent placed in my RCA which was 90% blocked, the LAD was 50% blocked but did not concern them.
I was put onto asprin, Plavix, Coversyl, and 20mg of Lipitor.
The Lipitor they upped to 40mg about 6 mounth down the track because my trigs and ldls were still up but my overall cholestrol had halved.
About 3 mouths ago they were still not happy it wasn't going down fast enough so they decided to put me on 10/40 Vytorin.
Not long after that I started getting stabbing pain in my right ulna wrist joint, and slowly extend to the elbow, shoulder and the muscles in between, which it feels like most the time as if a steam roller has ran over my arm.
I kept asking my Gp who alway put it off as RSI or arthritis.
6 weeks ago he put me on the highest dose of 10/80mgs after blood test showed that my trigs and Ldls wern,t low enough.
I had blood test the other day, which showed low cholestrol, but elivated sugar and iron.
My sugar was borderline and Ive Had other tests for my iron becauses he thinks I may have hemochromatosis.
Has anyone heard of this being caused by statins.
I started taking stat guard which has coQ10 in it and have found 60% relief, but I intend to wane myself of them altogether.
Would this be safe :?:
appreciate any help Rick.
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