Wake up we are under attack and all we do is complain

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Wake up we are under attack and all we do is complain

Postby telxpert » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:01 pm

As I said one and half year ago, Vytorin 10/20 ruin my life and continued to this day. Last week December 9, 2008 Have been hospitalizes for a hearth attack. We can all say that 100% of the time we know what is going on our body. When you visit a doctor he usually ask you what is going on and come up with diagnosis or order some test. My situations here in Las Vegas are far away from the truth that this procedure is being fallowed because of my history with a doctor and vytorin. I know that am being blacklisted by the medical community here in Las Vegas. Before I go to far from my point that I just have a heart attack and specifically wrote down all the drugs am allergic to. What the hospital did is the opposite and gave me bags intravenously with Statin that made me sick with bleeding coming out from nose like an open faucet and the typical bones and mussel injuries..

You know why Las Vegas, Nevada doctors are so brave to make this kind of mistake or do not care if they make a mistake attitude. The State of Nevada have pass a law about three years ago to protect the doctors and not the patient and also make it impossible to encourage a lawyer by making very expensive case to bring case to courts. Therefore, if you are leaving in Nevada they can hurt you, disable you, or kill you and at this state of Nevada, you mean nothing. This abuse will continue with no help from any body and that includes your bill of rights in this state called Nevada.

I am asking for help on this forum that we are not taking anymore and find a way to fight together for the injustices’ we receive from doctors, drug company, elected official with all that is responsible weather known or unknown. Wake up we are under attack and all we do is complain and cry in this forum. Enough is enough. Take action revolutionize to be treated with respect with a name called human being.

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