I experience being blackball because of Vytorin

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I experience being blackball because of Vytorin

Postby telxpert » Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:19 pm

My name is Joe Baro reside in Henderson Nevada. I will recollect what about to say with my unfortunate experience with a doctor and doctors. The first doctors who prescribe VYTORIN 10/20 did not tell me any side effects of this drug. Doctor has said to me he got a magic pill will take care of my two problems and that is high blood pressure and cholesterol. I took the drug ones a day before going to bed and the first three months I notice side effects of mussel pain all over my body. In two months, I believe that I went back because felling that am catching a cold. I did not see the doctor at this time but PA in his office has seen me. Came back a month later to see the doctor about that I believe the side effects of Vytorin. He the doctor said to me according to my blood test that this drug VYTORIN really like me because of the report of my blood test. I insisted that there is something wrong that my whole body hurts specially my mussel and bones. The doctor said to me he does not want to hear it and I should go to my pain management. I have a history getting hurt at work and going to a pain management doctor. He told me to keep taking the VYTORIN and every time I see this doctor has ignored my complaints. After taking this drug for seven to eight months my pain is indescribable, both of my legs swelled up with hematoma, and my vain become so fat. I went to my pain management doctor he order me to stop taking VYTORIN and order a blood test. Also at this time, both of my eyes are shelling very dry. My skin all over my body where also very dry and painful to touch especially my legs and feet. My management doctor test came back that my CPK is 210. The doctor who prescribe me the VYTORIN ask me to come for a visit after he find this out. This doctor did not do anything or tell me to stop taking VYTORIN but said go back to your pain management. That is the last time I seen this doctor. This can be weird to anybody that after a week have past this doctor and his office staff start driving by my house. I walk my dog and a very heavy tinted car will fallow when am walking. After that it, happen, repeatedly and I start fallowing this cars and it went to this doctor office. Know am being fallowed or intermediated.

After all this, I wanted to see other [b]doctors in my area and I experience being blackball who ever doctor I see. Now a year later I have not seen [/b]or treated by any doctors except my pain management. I ask for MRI or mussel test or any test that can help me and to this day doctors are not cooperating with me and making sure that I understand that they do not want me around.

If anybody out there can help please do, because I continue to suffer with the side effects and wanted to know the truth what is going with me. Please HELP.

Joe Baro
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Postby fading fast » Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:52 pm

Hey Joe, I was on Vytorin for 3 months, 3 years ago. I still have episodes of dibilitating muscle weakness and fatigue. Changed doctors after the first one told me it was all in my head eventhough my urine was the color of cola and I could hardly lift my head. I took myself off this horrible drug and I still suffer. Recently after deciding I couldn't take it any more I took myself to the ER and told them I had a dibilitating headache and they did a ct scan. It showed a spot so they took me for an MRI. I have 15 to 20 lesions in the white matter of my brain and now have to have a spinal tap. Maybe MS. But why would I be fine until I took the vytorin. I sugguest you go to the ER and refuse to leave until they find out what is going on. The doctors these days live with prescription pad in hand, don't listen to their patients, much less seem to care if you can't work or much less care for your family. Sorry you are having so many problems.
fading fast
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Postby rkcannon » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:30 am

Maybe you should consult a lawyer that does malpractice. The doctors may be afraid you have a good case against them.
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consult a lawyer

Postby telxpert » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:41 am

I mention that here in Nevada you don't have that rights with the laws in acted for protection of doctors am out of luck. I will try the FBI and maybe just maybe the federal government will do something. Knowing this place its a ??????????????????????????
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Postby telxpert » Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:10 am

mention MY concern on my post that I have been to ER because of heart attack. As I say the hospital gave me STATIN Intravenous that made me more sick and this is before telling the staff I am allergic. In this part of USA they will not listen because they can get away with there intentional mistake. WHAT A USA STATE NO PROTECTION AND ITS VERY SCARY. mY ONLY RECOURSE IS WHAT CAN I DO OR SOMEBODY TO HELP ME. SPREAD THE WORD FOR ME PLEASE, PLEASE. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
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Re: I experience being blackball because of Vytorin

Postby telxpert » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:50 pm

Mistaken about my CPK number after all this time and just notice that 210 CPK is not right my correct number it is 962. I know that this materialize around 2006 and have not been vigorous on my post. Maybe you will ask why I am back. My apprehension is first to myself but now other are being victimize unceasingly after I describe my faith. It is hard to apprehend why this can happen and keep on happening to others. My reflection has me revitalized to speak that STATIN is a dangerous drug. Please readers, bloggers, posters be cognizant this is not a joke and it happen to me many others. Please take this very, very seriously. Thank you and be safe you are the only one who can shield yourself and by telling, others thru enlightening will promote awareness.
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