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Fun With Vytorin

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Boy where do I start…..OK my name is Rick Perkins. I am 51 years old. About 4 years ago I after suffering what the Doctor was calling angina, I had my first heart cath done. This revealed two 90 percent blockages and one 70 percent blockage. Three stints were put in place. My Cardiologist did some extensive studies of my cholesterol, which by the way, was 295. The Doctor found that I was suffering from hereditary high cholesterol and put me on Lipitor and high blood pressure medicine, along with Plavix. After several months on Lipitor I suffered a cramp in my neck and jaw so severe that my Brother who is a Registered Nurse thought I was having a stroke. Due to this, the Doctor replaced Lipitor with Vytorin. My cholesterol dropped from 295 to 126. Over the next two years I still showed signs of angina with multiple incidents of chest pain. My doctor was concerned after showing weakness in my stress test and had another cath done. This cath showed clear. With no explanation of what was causing the pain. About a year later, here we go again, a third cath and still showed clear still no explanation of the cause of the pain. Another 8 months and this time I started to have strange experiences. I would be walking and just fall down. I would not know why. All I knew was I was walking and then I was picking myself up off the ground, sometimes with sprained body parts. So another stress test. This time the nuclear stress test showed blockage. Another cath was done by a different Doctor and this time as soon as the catheter was inserted, my heart went into full ventricular fibrillation and I soon stopped breathing on the table. The Doctor had to paddle me back. The Doctor said that I was relatively clear showing just about 30 percent blockage in some of my stints. However I was sent to Baylor Heart Hospital in Dallas to have an electro cardiology study done. This study showed nothing. So they implanted a reveal to monitor my heart rhythm. About two weeks after the implant I wind up in the hospital with pneumonia. While trying to determine what was causing the pneumonia, the Doctor found abnormal fluids. He stated that he thought my Gall Bladder was infected and caused the pneumonia. After 9 days in the Hospital I recovered and a Gall Bladder test was scheduled. My Gall Bladder showed only 28 percent of its normal function. The Doctor said that he thought this was due to sludge.
Surgery was scheduled and done. During the Surgery the Surgeon did not like the look of my Liver and did a Biopsy. The biopsy showed severe Liver damage with some necrosis.
In other words parts of my Liver are dead. Oh by the way, when the Gall Bladder was removed it was not full of sludge….JUST CRONICALLY SWOLEN. The Doctor then immediately ordered a full hepatic scan thinking I had hepatitis. The scan showed no viral hepatitis. It was during the time that I was awaiting the results of the lab test that the Vytorin scandal broke on the news, showing that they knew of the dangers and that it had no truly useful effect and had known so for two years before releasing the information… let me now take time to thank Merc and Schering Plough for their wonderful drug VYTORIN. I will let your imaginations tell you which finger I am holding up.

PS I am going cold turkey off Vytorin as we speak
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