Statin induced MYOPATHY

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Statin induced MYOPATHY

Postby deb101649 » Fri Oct 21, 2005 8:10 pm

I am warning people to stop taking statin drugs from my own personal experience. I started taking Lipitor for high cholesterol and began experiencing pain in my muscles and also numbness in both hands. I went to my doctor who is a cardiologist. He tested me for numerous conditions but could not come up with a diagnosis. Finally after doing extensive blood work, he told me that I must stop taking LIPITOR immediately. My Creatine Kinase was elevated to 384. Your CK level should range from 90 - 120. After finding out this information, I asked to check back on my old medical records. I found that I had been on LIPITOR for about 14 months with a CK level of over 300. During this period, I was unknowingly, damaging my muscles from taking this drug.
I went off Lipitor 4/4/05 and it took 5 months for the levels to go back to normal. During this 5 month period, I suffered with pain and I also have lost muscle in my hands. This has caused my hands to weaken also. In Mid Sept, my doctor told me that he was going to put me back on another Statin. This time, I took LESCOL. It is a Fluvastatin. After 5 weeks, went back for a consult. Within 5 weeks my CK elevated to 334! I found out this information today. He advised ME TO NEVER TAKE STATIN DRUGS again. I told him that the muscle pain was excruciating and for someone being in good health, I could no longer kneel and get back up. This is all muscle damage. When I walk up stairs, I hold on to two rails and have to pull myself up he stairs. I have been in misery for months and can look forward to many months of pain until my CK is lowered once again. I am not an old woman. I am 56 yrs old and have always been extremely active. In order to walk outdoors, I need a carriage in front of me or a walker. This has really been very hard on me, as well as my family. I cannot open a can with the manual can opener.

WARNING: STOP ANY STATIN DRUG. THEY ARE MORE HARMFUL to the human body than we all know. Listen to Doc Graveline, and more important purchase his book "Statin DRUGS". It has been very informative to me. I will post again once I have seen a change. I am very concerned with my condition because once muscles are damaged and muscle tone lost, it never comes back. I will now control my cholesterol with diet, a good B complex vitamin, CO-Q10 and also at least 400mcg of folic acid daily. Good luck to all statin users. deb101649
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Postby JIMNSC » Sat Oct 22, 2005 10:41 am

Hi Deb:

Sorry for what you've been through and I hope your CK level gets back to where it should be in short order. Also, thanks for the list of what you're taking "in lieu" of the statin drugs. That's a help to us all. I know I'm always curious as to what other people do. Let us know how you do in the future, friend. Good luck. :wink:

We need to start an "SOS" Club here (Shooey on Statins)!

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