Lipitor user diagnosed with Progressive Spastic Paraparesis

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Lipitor user diagnosed with Progressive Spastic Paraparesis

Postby hannah » Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:34 am

second posting on this message board hopefuly will reach more people.. as I am desperate for my friend to find a solution.
Thank you.

Hi everyone,

Being new here, I hope I pose this question on the appropriate message board.

A dear friend of mine (male, 64 yrs of age) has recently been diagnosed with [b]Progressive Spastic Paraparesis (PSP)[/b] after serious trouble with his legs over the last 3-4 years.
He talked to me about this trouble about 20 months ago and I asked him then if he used any medication, and yes, he was long term user of Lipitor.
Since doctors had not been able to help him with his leg trouble, I suggested he learnt about the side effects of Lipitor.
However, he is scared of his high cholesterol readings and what the doctor tells him about higher levels( yes, at the time I also made him aware of websites about the Myth of Cholesterol and given alternatives towards lowering his cholesterol if that is what he wanted to achieve). He stopped using Lipitor for a short while but fear instilled by his doctor got him back on to it, also because the doctor emphatically denied that Lipitor had anything to do with his leg trouble.

Exercising was one part of my suggestions (others were dietary and supplements) he couldn't achieve mostly because of the serious trouble he experienced with his legs...
14 months ago his left leg (his weaker one) gave way and he broke his right upper leg as a result.. since then problems with fitness have really been growing.

Anyhow... with this short intro, I wonder if anyone here on this forum has been given a diagnosis at one stage or other for [b]Progressive Spastic Paraparesis.[/b] The symptoms are very similar to the side effects of use of statins...
His neurologist and his physician both are adamant that Lipitor has nothing to do with my friend's debilitating condition.
PSP is a rare condition, and from my readings I learnt it is either hereditary, or as a result of infection with HTLV-1 virus, a retrovirus.
My friend doesn't quite fit into the categories of people who are generally diagnosed with this rare condition. I have asked my friend to get all the results of blood tests and to especially look for mention of this virus in the results.

For some reason I still tend to think they (the docs) have made a wrong diagnosis.. and for that reason I would like to find out if others have been given this diagnosis, mostly because the docs were stumped and wouldn't accept that Lipitor could do that much damage.

I appreciate all and any input.. in an attempt to help my friend whose future looks rather bleak (going on sick leave next week, then in 3 months leaving the workforce for good with prediction of being in wheelchair within 2 years)

Thanks in advance
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Postby Darrell » Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:20 pm

Some people are far too trusting of their doctors.

Perhaps your friend would consider a trial suspension of Lipitor (and perhaps starting some Q10 and L-Carnitine) if the risks are quantified for him. In my case, I have about a 3% chance of heart attack each year without statins and a 2% chance with them. I chose to go without them rather than endure side effects that included destruction of my leg muscles and overwhelming fatigue and weakness.

The doctor would say that statins would reduce my heart attack risk by 33% (2 is 33% less than 3), but I know that my statin was killing me much faster than my cholesterol.
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