Loss of Memory Due to Lipitor

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Loss of Memory Due to Lipitor

Postby mauryhat » Wed Oct 19, 2005 8:09 am

Male 63 years of age, on Lipitor 40mg daily until 28 May 2005.

On 27th May 2005 I made a airline trip from Adelaide to Sydney Australia. My flight arrived in Sydney at 11.30 AM, my wife confirmed this after she became very concerned when I rang her from the airport at 1.10 PM telling her that I had just picked up my bags and had a dreadful headache and was very tired, and asking my wife for directions to get home. I had done this trip dozens of times, so she found this odd, not giving it another thought, until I kept ringing her again asking the same question over and over again, 7 phone calls within a space of 20 minutes, (in the this time my wife had contacted our family Doctor to see her when I finally got home) my wife virtually guided me onto the train and home by phone, ( in all I had made 13 calls to me)
At last I did arrive home, my daughter had picked me up from the train station, when my wife saw me all I was doing was asking the same things over and over again, my wife got me to the Dr as quick as possible, she performed a few Alzheimer's test which I past fine, this could not be excluded, (BP was up slightly but not by much), this was at 4.30pm around 6.30 PM I started to be his normal self.

I started talking to my wife and telling her that I could vaguely remember getting up that morning at 6 AM, but could not remember any of the following: packing my bag, my son taking me to the airport, checking in my luggage, flying, getting off the plane, retrieving my luggage (nearly 2 hrs after it got off the plane), I would normally have arrived home about 1.30 PM, (but arrived appox 3.30 PM). I can not remember calling my wife so many times, but verified the all the calls by the fact that all my credits on my mobile phone were just about depleted. I do not remember the train trip home, seeing the doctor etc.

Dr send me for a brain scan on Monday 30th May 2005, with and without contrast, all coming back NAD, went back with the results 31st may 2005 and Dr was quite surprised when I told her that I did not remember seeing her and doing the tests on 27 May, I looked normal, seem to behave normally when spoken too when at the DR's, prior to this I was repeating myself all the time, that had seemed to have worn off by then. I had lost about 12hrs on that day and I can not recollect any of it at all (even now on October 19, 2005).

An EEG on 3rd June 2005 also came back negative. After all these tests the only thing the doctors could say was that the tests turned up no problems and that the loss of memory was most likely caused by the Lipitor.

I had been taking Lipitor (and before that Zocor) for at least 15 years.
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Postby queenphoton » Sun Apr 09, 2006 8:13 am

My mother has been on this Lipitor for 3yrs now. We have noticed that she has just been not doing well and the Dr. said it was due to Dementia and the pains due to prior knee and hip replacements.
I now know that part, I feel, is due to the Lipitor she has been taking since her pain has been reduced since she has stopped taking it.
She too, spent 27hrs in the ER at the hospital and doesn't remember a thing.
Has your memory come back at all? Did you take CoQ10 to help?
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