Lipitor & Torcetrapib (New Pfizer Study to Raise HDL)

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Lipitor & Torcetrapib (New Pfizer Study to Raise HDL)

Postby internetlibrarian » Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:47 pm

Do you, Dr. Graveline, or any others have any experience with this double-blind study? I'm participating in it and want to discuss with my cardiologist and the research study folks about possibly lowering my Lipitor dosage (currently at 20 mg). I've been experiencing many of the reported side-effects (tremendous muscle pain, lose of strength, gas, etc.)since I've been taking Lipitor (for about 18 years) and they have increased since taking Torcetrapib with Atorvastatin. The good news is that, since being on this study, my HDL is very good, first time in 18 years!

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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