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Advice please

Postby KenV » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:54 pm

Hi - I am a 78 year old male. Just over a year ago I had a heart attack and whilst in hospital I was put on 40mg of Lipitor, no one gave me any information about it and I stayed on it until very recently. A few weeks ago I developed a fungal skin infection and my doctor prescribed Miconazole cream, once again I was told nothing about its side effects. I found out later that it causes, or can cause, a serious interaction with Lipitor. I then started to get muscle pain in my upper right arm but I thought it was probably a "getting old" kind of thing. However after about 3 weeks I became very ill with flu like sumptoms but I didn't have a temperature. After looking up the side effects for Lipitor I decided that these symptoms were being cause by that. I rang the Cardiac Specialst Nurse and the first thing she asked was if I was getting any pain, when I told her about my upper right arm she told me not to take any more Lipitor and to see my GP to get a creatinine test. The test showed the levels had gone up from 112 to 148. My GP denied that it had anything to do with Lipitor or Miconazole. My Creatinine levels eventually went back down again but the pain in my right arm spread down into my forearm and up into the shoulder area. I've just had another "flu like attack" and the pain spread further into other parts of my body. Another test showed Creatinine levels back up a little to 117. My GP is not helpful and although I would like to go to a different GP I live in an area where there is an acute shortage of GP's so thats out.
I have sent for some CQ10 and I've started to take about 2 to 3000 mgs of Vitamin C. If anyone can give me some idea about where I am in relation to this problem and is there any hope of getting rid of it?
I would deeply appreciate any assistance.
Thanks for listening
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