Lipitor and Zetia

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Lipitor and Zetia

Postby Wallymoe » Sat Feb 18, 2006 7:42 pm

Was on statins and finally Lipitor for about 15 years, developed buttocks muscle and leg discomfort in Nov 2004, doctor said "spinal stenosis". Didn't feel like that to me, but MRI confirmed that I have a herniated disc and some stenosis. I think I might have had the herniated disc for many years. In mid 2005 I went off Lipitor on my own, but little change. Later the doctor put me on Zetia. Still no change to the muscle discomfort. Then he had me add 5 mg Lipitor to the Zetia and muscle problems continued, although LDL went way down. Went to physical therapist for piriformis syndrome and got relief, not total, but much better. Last week went off the Lipitor but doctor wants me to continue with the Zetia. Legs and buttocks muscles are a bit better due to the physical therapy, but I am nervous about the Zetia because one of the side effects listed is possible muscle problems. I am considering quitting it, too. Any thoughts??
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