Its A Done Deal

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Its A Done Deal

Postby manoflamancha » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:22 pm

[b] :D Well, its a done deal.....I quit taking Lipitor 20mg, after many years. No withdrawal symptoms. Its been 10 days and I'm doing fine.

I want to thank Allen and (catspajamas) for their input.

I would like to ask about the supplements I started taking. I began taking the following 3 times per day:
CoQ-10, 200mg, after each meal.
Acetyl L-Caritine, 250mg, after each meal.
Fish oil, 1000mg.

How important is it to also take the Fish oil? Someone mentioned for absorption. The pills are huge like a horse pill, and I am concerned it might cause acid reflux by damaging the lining of the esophagus.

Would appreciate your input.


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Postby Allen1 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:42 am

Hi there Paul,

good to see you have managed to come off this stuff, I hope your leg and arm muscle spasms are manageable and no worse than they were last year and I also hope your sugar levels have come back to normal since then.

If the fish oil you refer to is omega 3, it is best to take it in the morning followed by some food to stop the smell and taste being a problem, the same idea goes for Cod Liver oil which is used to increase your vitamin D levels (around 1 desert spoon once per day=10ml). I use pure cod liver oil made by 7 C's (same sound only worded differently), this also contains the omega 3 benefit too.

The L-Carnitine is either taken about1/2 an hour before meals or with meals depending on how it works best for yourself, there are a few variations with the time and quantity as well as frequency because everyone is different. You may require a smaller amount or a larger amount depending on how you and your body reacts to it and what gives you the best results without making you need to vacate your bowels in a hurry :oops:

The Co Q10 should be taken with meals, if it is not the type that is already in an oil filled capsule, ie a powder filled capsule or even in loose powder form then you should try to take it with something containing fat to help it to be absorbed easier. As with the Carnitine, you may need a smaller amount to make a difference, it is easy enough to start off at a lower amount and work your way up till you find what makes you feel better and what will also save wasting money in the meantime.

Some folk need a lot more of the supplements than others, it is sensible to work your way up to see what you really need than to start at a high dose and throw away your money before you have to, there is also a possibility that you will need to increase the dosage as time goes on to get the same relief.

This is my way of thinking about saving money and getting the best results for myself, other members have different methods and have found what works best for themselves, its a case of look at what everyone has done and trying to see what is best for your needs.

I am no expert on this subject, we are all learning as we go when it comes to how to live after this crap, any further advice by members would be welcome :)

All the best,

Allen :D
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Postby manoflamancha » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:08 pm

[b] :D Thank you so much Allen.

Take care,
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