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Postby Nancy W » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:59 pm

I have a friend whose husband has been taking Cholest-Off for a couple of years or more. This supplement falls in the category of plant stanols or sterols. The claim is that taking it lowers LDL Cholesterol. Do any of you folks out there have any idea what the mechanism is? Does it interfere with the Mevalonate Pathway?

Here is the reason I ask. My friend's husband is fairly young, sixties, I think. For some time she has been noticing that he has had some lapses in memory and judgement, such as leaving done of their young kids in a hot locked car while she and her other child were in a restroom facility. When she came out, her husband said he thought the child was with her. From the rest of her stories, it would be appropriate to work this gentleman up for early dementia.

So, as they start down that sad road, I just thought it might be enlightening to figure out if cholest-off might have similar adverse effects as statins. Such as dementia. BTW, her husband does not take CoQ10.

Anyone with ideas?
Nancy W
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