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"Vitamin" D is a Hormone. It Cures Sleep disorders

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:08 am
by pmgamer18
I found this today at Dr. John's forum one of the guys posted this it's a much needed watch. The only way I can link you to this is for you to see them at Dr. John's forum. And on tape 3 she talks about Statin's and the skin and low Vit.-D
Below is a copy of the post.
Wow, this is very interesting stuff. It's 5 x 15 minute videos & she does whine on a bit, but it's well worth watching.

She says :

- Vitamin D is NOT a Vitamin, but a Hormone which we produce naturally.
- Explains why D levels have dropped
- Claims ALL Sleep Apnea sufferers have Low D & can be cured.