Weight Loss, Carbs and Cholesterol

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Weight Loss, Carbs and Cholesterol

Postby nadinac » Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:09 pm

I just finished reading Dr. Graveline's article on weight loss. I understand the necessity to cut refined carbs in the form of white flour, sugars, white potatoes, etc. I don't understand some of the other recommendations.

I just had 4X bypasses because of blocked arteries. I had already cut out white flour and sugars from my diet many years ago. Reduced much animal cholesterol -- butter and egg yolks, especially, also many years ago. Ate a lot of animal protein, though, including cheese. Never ate anything made with hydrogenated oils or lard since 1980.

Since my surgery in April, 2009 (also including an aortic valve replacement), I have been on a highly reduced fat (olive and saffola oil excepted), highly reduced salt, no refined carbohydrates 1200-1500 calorie well-balanced eating plan (somewhat like the "old" Weight Watchers (Jolliffe diabetic regime) w/ 1/2 hour walking or recumbent biking 3X/week. I have lost 31 lbs. and have at least 30 lbs more to go.

Since surgery, I take 10 mg Crestor and, with the combination of diet and exercise, my numbers have greatly improved. I also take CoQ10 and acetyl L-Carnitine (great brain and focus boost!!!), plus digestive enzymes, Serrapeptase enzyme (anti-inflammatory), multiple vitamins and minerals in the increased doses now recommended for senior citizens, plus levothyroxine .75 mg, 10 mgs blood pressure medication.

However, I have some questions based on Dr. Graveline's article:

1. Does one cut out all fresh, whole fruit? I limit myself to 3 moderate servings/day and would hate to give it up. Protein, 1% or nonfat milk products, and whole fruit keep me feeling satisfied. What about non cruciferous vegetables?
2. Eliminate whole-grain products (not containing starch or sugar fillers)?
3. What type of fat is OK to eat for someone with my history?

Thank you for the clarifications.
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Postby Allen1 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:39 pm

Hi there nadinac and welcome to the forum.

Without going into too much detail, a little bit of what you fancy now and then won't do you any harm, moderation is the key. As for eating fruit, if you enjoy fruit then as long as you don't go too excessive, I wouldn't really worry, its better than filling up on sweets and the likes.

The only concern I can see is the Crestor, your diet can be altered to accommodate the intake of other fats that you may require, have a look at the link below (remove the *)

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Weight Loss, Carbs & Cholesterol

Postby nadinac » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:02 pm

:? OK, Allen1, I read the article you recommended. So, if in the late 1970's I already eliminated refined sugar (and almost all other sugars including honey and real maple syrup), refined carbs, and transfats (I always used butter and never margarine because it contains soy to which I am allergic), usually cook and eat at home, check out with a shopping basket containing few processed foods (canned tomatoes, whole grain pasta, frozen vegetables without sauces) and no junk food, actually enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, ocean fish, and whole grains, how is it that I needed a quadruple bypass (I saw the pictures) in 2009 anyway?
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Postby Allen1 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:45 pm

Hi there nadinac,

your question "how is it that I needed a quadruple bypass" is an interesting one. It is much the same as "why after over 8 years of taking Simvastatin, did I need a triple bypass". Mine was probably because I worked for an employer who constantly caused me so much stress, it seems that some of us are more likely to develop problems than others. I wish I had known about the Statin side effects back then as I sure as hell would have stopped them before they did their damage.

A healthy varied diet is a great thing, the only downside is that we never know what else is in the food we eat ie pesticides and heavy metals and the likes. Basically we try to eat the right things but a lot of what we consume has already been treated in one way or another, its pointless worrying about it too much as there is very little in reality that we can do as individuals.

I still eat junk food now and then and I enjoy it, as I said before everything in moderation, life is too short to stress too long over what happens if. My best advice to you would be to think about getting off the Crestor, if cholesterol numbers bother you then maybe some porridge oats in the morning will help as well as actually increasing animal fat in your diet.
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nadinac - You need better nutrition advice!

Postby maule5662h » Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:50 pm

nadinac - You need much better nutrition advice than given so far here on your initiated thread! See the rough give and take on my thread where I picked at Dr. Graveline's advice for weight loss as not being good health advice. Here is what I have pulled together for health education over the past 8 years:

A Plant-Based, Whole-Foods Diet --
centered on starchy plant foods (for enough carb calories)
and green and yellow veggies, and some fruits, with no processed oils
gives the optimal nutrition for humans since we are designed mainly as plant-eaters.

That means avoid/minimize all animal foods, including all meats, poultry, all dairy,
all seafoods, and eggs. Avoid/minimize processed foods, including fats/oils
and refined carbs (such as white flour).

Go to   http://www.drmcdougall.com to get the education and guidance based on the evidence!
McDougall Program & Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center

My personal Healthy Lifestyle website is
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My Public" materials are also downloadable at

Enjoy the journey to better health through the all-important optimal nutrition!

Bill Kleinbauer 805/938-1405  maule5662h@aol.com

Some of Kleinbauer's website subjects are given below.
Most of these items, and more, are also on my DVD-ROM.


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You can download the video from that location.

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