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Postby lars999 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:54 pm

Perhaps various of you have had experiences similar that what I describe below.

Recently I used a local GP to access a number of blood tests from Quest Diagnostics -- QD requires a "Doctor's Order". All but one of the dozen tests were ones I expressly wanted/needed. One is the GeeWhiz VAP test giving a bunch of highly touted measurements of lipids, including "total cholesterol" but, in my opinion many measurements of often of dubious value, but some quite worthwhile that I wanted. Google VAP Test if you want to know more.

I now have a lot of happy answers about MY biochemical parameters.

However doctor only wanted to talk to me about, you guessed it, total cholesterol, which was measured to be 278, essentially my normal value for past 2-3 decades, except when Lipitor dragged it down to low 150s and nearly killed me.

Said Cholesterol Quack doctor freely admits that "50% of persons having first heart attack have normal cholesterol". SO, the 50% of "unluckies" actually have "elevated levels of the killer cholesterol!! NOW! WOW!!!, in my worlds, 50% is not worth more than a laugh, before moving on in search of at least a decently positive correlation, say 75% at least, leading to discovery of the real cause(s).

Among the various things I learned from this suite of blood tests is that I have next to no indications of anything higher that "minimum risk" of heart attack or stroke -- something I already know for many decades. That is, unless I am talking to a Cholesterol Quack doctor that puts cholesterol into some sort of SuperMan class of biochemicals as regards its ability to kill people -- right up there with arsenic and anthrax. Dumb of us unwashed to have learned from proper medical sources that cholesterol is one of our bodie's most essential biochemicals.

Perversion, pervision, and quackery gallore!!

PS: Maybe I should console this Cholesterol Quack by telling him that he really cannot be expected to know or understand the blood chemistry of Martians. Whatdya think?
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Postby Ozsurvivor » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:46 pm

Hi Lars

Well you could have some FUN doing that, but I think such a doctor may consider putting you in a psych ward - not a good move.

Sympathize with you on the issue of doctors - their world is so contaminated with the Pharma industry. Recent Med news reports I have seen state that Pharma spends greatly on information dissemination that equates to $95,000 for every doctor.

The doctor I recently saw, when shown Dr. Goloumb' Adverse Effects report, without reading it, put her finger on it and pushed it back saying "that's one report ...but I have seen many others ..etc" Ordered the blood test I wanted though, but was NOT happy I was NOT going to take STATINs.

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Postby lars999 » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:27 pm

Thanks for warning Alex!!!

Fortunately, that doctor is NOT licensed as mental health doctor here. I would expect him to be a quack in that field too. Latest NO-NO from his is when he tried to act as if he is my "family doctor" -- he is now expressly listed as persona non grata with all the few doctors I do use. He needs some training in ethics, maybe even more than that.

I have had same response from some doctors when presented with Dr. Golumb's reports. I did get some positive response when I pointed out that they were funded by NIH.

My new functional criteria for IDing medical Quacks is whether or not they think cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease and that statins are essential to prevent that.

One of my daughters and her husband are having a great time in Australia presently.

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