One egg per day, or every other day?

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One egg per day, or every other day?

Postby Wonga » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:40 am

I was on a diet of 4 eggs per day for years.

At the time of my cardiac ischemia and stenting for two LAD blockages, my cholesterol was 277.

I think overeating eggs, plus too much sugar, plus too much calcium from antacid tablets, contributed to my plaque (=calcified cholesterol) blockages.

10mg Simvastatin, dieting and reducing my eggs to one per week reduced my cholesterol to 200 for the last year.

With my doctor's agreement I have stopped statin, and my cholesterol has risen and stabilised at 225.

My question is: can I safely eat one egg, which I crave, per day?

Or would it be prudent to limit it to every other day?
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Postby lars999 » Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:21 pm


Just to give you an additional data point, my total cholesterol was 270s for all of past 20+ years, other than years that Lipitor dragged it down to dangerous levels in 152s and nearly killed me because it also dragged down other essential things, CoQA10 especially. Happily it is again in 270s and I am recovering nicely fro Lipitor!!

I grew up eating lots of eggs, sausages of all kinds, plenty of sugar, antiacid tables, meats of all kinds, lots of veggies, etc. -- nothing like the so called "heart healthy" diets touted today. My blood relatives and nearly everyone around me ate same diet. Thanks to an aunt that got heavily into geneology, I know that none of my blood relatives died of or suffered from cardiovascular disease or heat attacks or strokes -- that record goes back to 1600s. I have continued to eat such foods and am now 70, soon to be 71, and all tests to date find very little or no plaque in my arteries.

SO; my advice? Look for something other than cholesterol and calcium as true underlying cause of your cardiovascular issues. Plenty of possible culprets, you just have to get past all the "cholesterol BS" your doctor has memorized, which may send you on a long trip searching for a doctor with his/her brains intact and functional, undamaged by cholesterol propaganda. Before embarking on such a search, I strongly suggest that you read EVERYTHING written by the various MDs pictured on home page of Best to search with a well informed mind!

Some day in comming weeks I intend to start a thread describing my recent and ongoing attempt to determine what biochemical factors have likely been active in my body to prevent damage of linings of my arteries and subsequent formation of plaque. These are not your usual "lipid profiles" of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglyserides in blood serum. The actual value of some of these tests remains a matter of debate in medical journals internationally.

I eat more eggs that one every other day, and saugages and bacon and butter, however, I seldon match your previous 4-a-day rate. All the lipid-soluble vitamins in egg yokes are great for you. I vote the eggs "Not Guilty!"

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