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Statin Side Effects

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 7:43 pm
by Fedup
My husband was on vytorin and began having memory "fog" after seeing his doctor he was switched to lipitor and while driving on the highway today he developed double vision. When his doctor switched him to lipitor and the memory "fog" didn't improve I spoke with the nurse and she told me the doctor said he was to stay on the statins. We have an appointment tomorrow and at that time we will insist on my husband's removal from statins.

My husband's doctor very understanding. He told us he wasn't allowed to tell us not to take the statins but that it was our decision. My husband stopped and within several weeks all his side effects disappeared. He is now using Dr. Pauling's method of reducing inflammation and cholesterol.

Another interesting side effect of the statins is that before going on the statins my husband's total cholesterol was 220. While on them it was 148 and after being off for several months it shot up to 260 a total higher than before he started taking them and this is with a better diet and more exercise.