Elevated Vitamin B6 as Statin Side Effect

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Elevated Vitamin B6 as Statin Side Effect

Postby twinmom1 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:13 pm

On recent lab test, my Vitamin B6 level was found to be very elevated at 223 ng/mL (normal range 2.1-21.7). I had been taking Vitamin B6 supplements 100 mg/day for several years. My neurologist advised that I stop the supplement, which I did, and a repeat lab test 3 months later showed that my B6 level had dropped to 44, still above normal limit. Has anyone else encountered a similar experience? I also have increased levels of glycogen in my muscle fiber, found on biopsy, and wonder if the B6 storage and glycogen storage are related. My neurologist is not committing to a definite answer on this. Would appreciate any input. I think I need a biochemist! Thanks.
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Postby David Staup » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:26 pm

The storage capacity of water-soluble vitamins is generally low compared to that of fat-soluble ones. Small quantities of pyridoxine are widely distributed in body tissue, mainly as PLP in the liver and muscle. PLP is tightly bound to the proteins albumin and haemoglobin in plasma and red blood cells. Because the half-life of pyridoxine is 15-20 days and it is not significantly bound to plasma proteins, and the limited stores may be depleted within two to six weeks on a pyridoxin-free diet, a daily supply is required. Excess pyridoxine is excreted in the urine.

from here:


Glycogen storage is totally different although it too is mainly in the liver and muscle cells. Glycogen stores are limited to about 90 seconds of extreme effort as part of the anaerobic metabolic system.

on excess vit b6:


This one just might require a biochemist to figure out.....
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