I'm the forgetfull new guy!

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I'm the forgetfull new guy!

Postby Tom Sweeney » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:53 pm

This is my first posting to this site. I have now been off work for about 8 weeks and I'm hoping to find some wisdom here. I am 52 years old, male, caucasion with a professional carreer in sales and operations management.
I had a heart attack in march and was started on Crestor 10 mg. / day on my release from the hospital. I contacted my doctor after about 3 weeks and asked if I might have also had a stroke. I told him I was having major memory issues. My doctor ordered CT Scan, results were normal. Approximatley two weeks later I went to the ER with severe muscle pain in my shoulders and groin. Although I walked into the hospitel within 4 hours the ER admitted me for observation and I was hurting so bad I could barely move. They litterally had to pick me up and put me in a wheel chair to get me to my room. After 6 days in the hospital receiving hourly shots of Dilauden for pain relief I was released. The hospital and my personal doctor told me I had a rare adverse reaction to the statins in Crestor. I was told to stop taking the Crestor. After a few weeks I returned to work but was still bothered my forgetfulness, and an inability to focus on my work. I was continually confused by what should be simple tasks.
On August 4, 2007 I drove half way to my office and had no reccollection of how I had gotten to my location. I continued to work and could not function at my desk. I could not remember security passwords, computer programs etc. I was again taken to the ER where a number of tests were done, CT Scan, MRI, and others I do not recall. I was relesed with restrictions, no driving, swimming, machine operation, ladders etc. Neurologist sent me for EEG, results were normal. Sent me for another EEG, this one was portable, 24 hour test. Results were normal. My regular doctor, cardiologist and neurologist tell me there is no reason for my problems and doubt any link to statins. I have asked for a referral to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. Am I going to get better? What else can I do to help myself? I welcome your replies!
Tom Sweeney
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Postby cjbrooksjc » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:54 pm

Tom: Not only are your symptoms indicative of adverse Statin reaction but also of depression. You might suggest to your Dr that he check for that condition and Rx a 'Re-uptake Inhibitor' such as Tofranil (a very old med) or some other, perhaps newer and more effective RI med. Also: do you have night sweats, wake every two to three hours at night, become fearful for no reason, have difficulty concentrating, have no interest in hobbies or normally relaxing activities, feel melancholy? - Those are also symptoms of depression. Although Statin reactions mimic (perhaps with good reason) the symptoms of depression, you should not discount, based on your recent stressful experiences, the actual existence of this condition. Otherwise, adhering to the supplement regimens suggested on this forum is a good, reliable avenue for you to pursue.


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Postby adec » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:54 pm

Hi Tom and welcome to the forum. I hope you continue to read, post, and share your statin recovery story with us. As you've already discovered this is a very helpful forum. Peruse this site and you'll find plenty of similar stories to keep you occupied.

In my mom's case, while on Lipitor her poor memory continued to escalate into scary transient global amnesia episodes. She still doesn't have ANY recollection of her 10 day cruise taken while on Lipitor. And YET she remembers every detail of attending my sister's wedding six months later, after discontinuing Lipitor and starting supplementation. Two years after her cruise, she has totally reversed her memory loss and other complications due to a basic case of STATIN POISONING... and you can too.

Since statins have been found to greatly reduce CoQ10, you should start supplementation ASAP. CoQ10 is contained in every cell membrane of our body, and plays a substantial role in energy production. The heart especially requires huge levels of CoQ10 to function properly.

Interestingly in your case, low levels of CoQ10 have been strongly associated with congestive heart failure. These are subjects to which your doctor is likely ignorant. Yet, the science behind this notion is so strong that Merck itself patented their statin to be administered concurrently with CoQ10. Still Merck negligently continues to sit on this patent, while knowing of the serious dangers. This information can easily be found on the Internet. You can also find plenty of information regarding statin side effects on this website's homepage. Feel free to print out these articles and studies to present to your doctor.


I would also recommend supplementing with aceytl l-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid as another adjunct. You can find a high-quality complete formula (CoQ10/aceytl l-carnitine/alpha lipoic acid) for a good price at Vitacost.com. If you decide to purchase this product make sure take it with an oil (olive, canola, fish, vegetable etc.) to increase its effectiveness. Search on my posts for more info. You should notice very beneficial results in a short time.


Good luck.
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