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crestor victim

Postby mof29212 » Tue Oct 31, 2006 11:57 pm

Here I am AGAIN with yet another comment. I have been off Crestor since 9/19 -now 10/31. I still have muscle pain after doing very little acivity, down just one leg and am so fatiqued. Shouldn,t I be over this by now.
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Postby Ray Holder » Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:29 am

The pain is unlikely to go away by itself, you will need to take some carrnitine, see under muscle pain and statins, "relief for my leg muscle pain" by Darrell, and my poostings and his subsequently.

I hope it works for you.

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Postby Cat Mom2 » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:06 pm

That is what the doctors also think, you stop the drug and you should see improvements right away.... It don't happen like that.

I have been off since July 2006 and while I still have problems, my main pain in the knees left within a week, memory improved, but my feet are still lumpy and painful and I have assorted sever pain in this joint and that joint from time to time to remind me that the statins are still messing with my body.
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