nausea after 90 days

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nausea after 90 days

Postby justright » Tue Oct 31, 2006 11:11 am

I started taking Crestor about 90 days ago, and really did not notice any difficulties at all. About 3 weeks ago after some surgery, I started to feel really nauseated most of the day. I thought it was due to the operation, but I had a clean bill of health from the surgeon and was on no medication.
I have continued to feel nauseated like I have a mild case of flu most of the day, depressed, and have no energy. I do manage to run every day for about 45 minutes, in spite of the flu symptoms, but I am miserable. I also noticed a sharp pain in my neck that comes at odd times. I am taking no other meds at this point but Prozac, and I have had no issues with that one. Last night was the worst. I resorted to eating chicken soup, going to bed at 7;30 and feeling mildly nauseated and dizzy most of the night. Today, I did NOT take my Crestor and alas, I feel like my old self, no nausea, good energy, and not so depressed. Could it be possible that one does not get side effects until after 90 days. :(
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Postby Darrell » Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:19 pm

It is quite possible to not get side effects for YEARS. I was on Zocor for a lot longer than 90 days before I started noticing side effects. And, incidentally, I thought I was getting the flu for about a week before I realized it was the Zocor, not a very slow onset of the flu.
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