crestor pain periformis muscle/buttock pain

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crestor pain periformis muscle/buttock pain

Postby mof29212 » Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:55 pm

I have posted before but coming back with another comment/question. I stopped Crestor 9/19/2006 after taking it for almost 1 year. I am now going into the 3rd month of being off Crestor. As reported before I have had neck pain, inflammation in most joints, burning muscle pain and lots of this is gone but my real concern is something I am still dealing with: what the chiropractor and phy. therapist has diagnosed as periformis syndrome/S1 joint problem in my hip. his has been my worst problem It began in August 2006 (prior to stopping Crestor or even associating anything to Crestor). I would have what I call a "bolting" pain in one buttock. That sort of pain finally stopped but I still cannot shop- just about 20 minutes in the grocery store, this pain comes on really strong. I am in water aerobics, just finished up my 12 PT appointments and hopefully this too will leave like some of the other has. I have read of lots of leg problems but has anyone had this terrible buttock pain and if so,would like someone to communicate with me about this. email
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