Butting Heads with my Physician

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Butting Heads with my Physician

Postby Kay » Fri Jun 02, 2006 6:43 pm

Well, I took Lipitor years ago and then Zocor and was sick both times. Now, I have my cholesterol down from 335 to 285. I guess its still high but I did that much with garlic and flax seed and changing my diet. I also reduced my tryglerides from 541 to 188.

But...this week my new doctor wants me on Crestor. I only heard her message and have not returned the call. I'm tired of feeling this drug and others pushed at me when I'm making progress. Does this make sense to anyone. I mean, I feel what I'm doing is working and I don't have any side affects so why doesn't she seem to accept that?

With continuing supplementation and my Weight Watchers committment, I feel sure I don't need this drug. After reading some of the side affects, I KNOW I won't take it. I just wish the doctor would stop pushing it on me.
Then they make you feel you aren't respecting their medical knowledge. But, well, hey, its my body!

Edit: I also take a lot of Yucca which helps my arthritis So much and I'm reading where it could also help with my blood lipid profile too.
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Postby Esmeralda » Sun Jun 11, 2006 1:41 pm

I'm with you, Kay. My 18 days on Crestor was enough for me to say "No more statins for Esmeralda!" I am new to the Vitamin C, L-Carnatine, CoQ10 regimen. I would love to get back on my Gazelle, but I don't dare until these ligaments/tendons feel better and until I have less swelling around the knee.
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Re: Butting Heads with my Physician (Reply for Kay)

Postby sos_group_owner » Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:21 pm

* Lipitor years ago, then Zocor and was sick both times
* cholesterol down from 335 to 285
* garlic and flax seed and changing my diet
* reduced my triglycerides from 541 to 188
* continuing supplementation & Weight Watchers committment

Hi Kay,

It's a shame your doctor doesn't recognize that you are taking charge
of your own health. Wow, your results above are excellent!
What is your HDL?

Do you have any risk factors other than elevated cholesterol?
Cholesterol is really NOT the problem...
- Inflammation causes cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis).
"Great Cholesterol Scam"

Your doctor can say you NEED to take Crestor but you DO NOT have to
agree to take any statin that YOU KNOW from previous experience is
going to adversely affect your health. Crestor is the most potent statin
on the market today.

If your doctor is REALLY concerned about your health, ask for the
following tests: homocysteine, hs-CRP, Lp(a). When elevated these risk
factors are better indicators for risk of heart attack and stroke.

Taking statins have not been proven to promote longevity in women
(or the elderly). The primary benefit of statins - they are a potent
anti-inflammatory. The fact that statins also lower cholesterol, is

Please read these two articles by Dr Graveline, PRINT them and take
to your doctor...
Statins and Women:
Statin Alternatives:

Flax Seed Oil: flax seed is a source of omega 3, but does not have the
same anti-inflammatory benefit as pertains to "coronary" inflammation.
Both fish oil and cod liver oil are cardio-protective oils.

Cinnamon & Triglycerides: C. cassia (spice isle variety) is an excellent
way to control triglycerides and blood sugar levels. 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon
daily sprinkled on any food item or take one or two 500 mg capsules.
You've done an excellent job lowering your triglycerides. By taking
cinnamon and limiting the "white" foods, my husband lowered his
trig's from 300 to 150 in 3 months.
White foods: sugar (biggest offender) flour, potato, bread, rice, pasta.
Replace these simple carbs with whole grains (complex carbs):
Examples of whole grains: Brown rice, Bulgur (cracked wheat), Whole
rye, Wild rice, Buckwheat, Millet, Whole-grain barley, Whole oats,
Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Thank you for the info on Yucca.

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