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felt bad on crestar

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:27 pm
by deena
I had my physical in July and my cholesterol was 255. I was previously on Zetia and it just wasn't bring my cholesterol down. My doctor decided to put me on crestar. I am a nurse and I was somewhat skeptical about being put on a statin because of the side effects. I was on it for about a week when I began to feel heaviness in both legs. The next day I had pain in both arms. My hands began to feel stiff like I suddenly had arthritis. I am a vascular access nurse and I had trouble holding the iv needle. I also experienced numbness in both arms from elbows down. At night I had pain in my arms and legs and had to actually take something for pain so I could sleep. I also felt very fatigued like I just couldn't go on. Needless to say I stopped the crestar and my doctor ordered a cpk blood test which was 108 which he said was normal. Within about 2 days I was feeling much better but my numbness in both arms lasted about 2 weeks. I am no taking tricor and doing much better. When you are taking a statin drug and you feel pains- stop the drug and get on another one.