Cresto in my system

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Cresto in my system

Postby Cor Van Pelt » Tue May 03, 2011 4:00 pm

Hi folks,

Can any one tell me how long Crestor 20 stays in ones system?
I'll explain why I am asking:

My doctor,whom I seldom visited,left the family practise to work in the E.R. of the local hospita.

After two months I found another doctor who could take me on. At the first vist he put me on high blood prssure meds. My blood prssure was somewhat high at that time.Most likely due to some seriuos family problems. At that time he also arranged to see a specialist to check my heart.
Now the part of the question: I saw this specialist on Febr.22.2011. He immediately put me on Crestor 20. And would arrange for a Cardiolyte Stress Test on the treadmill. This took place on March 22,2011. On the 6TH.of April I saw him at his office for the result of that test.

Back in 2001 I had a heart attack and a stent was put in. I was put on Cresto at that time too. But developed some very serious muscle pain and weaned my self off the Crsetor. I had 8 very good years,without hardly any chest pain at all. Now in the period between Febr.22 and April 6th I developed some serious chest pains on several occassions. The specialist told me that the stress test showed very little deterioration since 4 years ago,when they did stress test for me to get my drivers license renewed.
I hope to be 78 years old on May 4,Lord willing.

Can the Crsetor 20 have caused these pains and how long doed the stuff stay in your system.
Long storey,but hope for a good answer.

Cor Van Pelt. Alberta. Canada.
Cor Van Pelt
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Postby Allen1 » Thu May 05, 2011 3:56 am

Hi there Cor and welcome to the forum.

To be honest there is no set rules for how people will react with Statins like Crestor, or how long it will take to get out of your system. From posts that I have read, people who have come off their prescribed Statin because of the side effects and then got persuaded to try them again, had stronger reactions than before to the Statin, even changing the type of Statin can cause all sorts of problems.

As you have only been taking them for a couple of months this time, I would hope that about 6 months after stopping them, you will feel a bit better (but it doesn't always work that way). The problem is that everyone is different and their bodies react in different ways to the damage that statins are doing to them.

If you are not already taking Co-enzyme Q10 at the moment, I would recommend that you try it, after a month you should start to feel the difference, also Acetyl L Carnitine helps a lot.

All the best,
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Postby BCGuy » Wed May 11, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi Alberta,

BCGuy here. I'm definately not as informed as many here are but I would consider these meds as toxins.
Why not talk to your doctor about doing some kind of detox/cleanse?

Maybe a Chellation?

How about this idea Allen?

One thing for sure is check out the past posts in this Crestor section. Maybe watch Utube videos on the Cholestrol deception. But alot of excellent advice from the vets here.

From what I've learned, ( and I maybe wrong) it seems the real problem is oxidized high density LDL cholestrol causing a immune response,causing inflamation, resulting in plaques(scars) on the inner arteries. If we can take natural anti-oxididents, anti-inflamatories, and eat healthy and exercise.
We can not only avoid big pharma but stay healthy. I'm not a doctor but as a Christian my faith is in the Lord not man. I appreciate their efforts but I'd rather use what God has provided because he's never steered me wrong.

Yet my last doctor started me at 80mg of Lipitor after a heart attack when my Cholestrol levels were within the Cardiac Care units in Victoria guidelines.

I started to feel the side effects and he told me NO doctors would say statins harm people!!

Keep educating your self and God Bless and protect you......BCGuy
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