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Postby Chantelle » Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:35 am

I havent quite got the preliminary tests back to the doctor (had fired that idiot of 5 years of my financing his yacht now have a new guy ( doctor) and I AM NOT going to be paying his house or yacht either! I have had it!
I am taking alot of omega ( great stuff) and starting on Coq-10 but that 100 mg makes me really tired. (I will lessen the dose temporarily )I am introducing the others gradually..
I am seeking an answer and also I am not dead yet.I plan to get this in writing and maybe a petition for canada and take it to the federal government health minister as this is insane..Letting these statin companies in to kill us!
I havent finished yet.
I watched Dr Graveline on the video..He is one " good human being and a real trooper! ". He has been a great asset to us all here and I will cherish him forever and now get his new book.( By the way I just am really starting now to get all of his books and will frame them! I want to know what he knows as I have to have an understanding of whats happened to me in the name of the greed of money in the pharmaceutical companies bank account somewhere in Switzerland! ( off shore). I am not paying for their lear jets either! This site has been a real asset.. Thanks cya here later..
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