Statin damage

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Statin damage

Postby Chantelle » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:20 pm

I had been under the so called care of a doctor who refuses to admit or refer me to any clinics or specialists that are knowledgable about statin damage. ( see "chantelle "under the crestor forum )
I have not got any where wtih any of the doctors ..I am still in the same horrible shape if not worse now than I was 5 years ago when I first starting looking for help..
What the problem is is that therre are a pile of doctors out there that are from countries in which they dont cunsume alcohol at all, dont smoke..They cant fathom why we do this..I am running into foreign doctors that think that alcohol( even 1 drink a month one ounce) or 3 cigs a day has caused this..These guys shoudnt be allowed in canada to practise as they are just fueling their bank accounts by having me come back every 2 weeks or 1x a month to see them for what I dont know as they dont know whats wrong and they dont care!
Over the past 5 years that indian doctor must have netted enough money to pay for that yacht that he bought with money from just seeing and giving me the run around.!
I have not worked in 3 years due to this illness and he doesnt care! Now its to the poin that I cant even get to the appts as too weak and nausested and body pain and just plain fatigued after 8 hours sleep get up then have to go back to bed again after a few hours up and sleep 4 more hours like I cant even work from home like this..I cant live like this as cannt afford to look after all of the billls when cant get well and get money by working either outside and too tired to work at home..WHAT is the answer? I cant go on much longer and its only a matter of time before I end up sleeping under the bridge as cant pay rent as cant work. No 2 days are the same ...
PS WOW biggy I was able to get a new doctor and he already looking at the fact that "I smoke" hes also a foreigner..What can I do! There is no way that any of these doctors will listen to anyone who comes in with a so called statin problem.. I am going to try to get this on the canadian national news soon as this is bull.
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